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With the giants mostly playing right field with Lillian setter then the jets traded due to the Braves and also said your plane right alongside Hank Aaron you're in center field and Erin was in right field so maybe you could settle this argument who is better Willie Mays or Hank Aaron well it is good to have been axed a lot you know even before I retired as a player hi who is poor it is way I've William Blair was a better place hi Carol was a better hitter I'm bad I'm a say in the true of the if you look at the numbers heck was thirty to twenty whatever it heater and now put their beds ball player that I ever saw a play with no manager was was really made that other managers here but when it came to steal a base or take their driveways or hit a walk off home run he he was the guy spectacular god all right so with that that's a very interesting analysis so and you you and out of that maybe your greatest season overall offensively playing alongside Hank Aaron when you went to the Braves would hit three twenty seven and twenty seven home runs and what not there's a big swing and a miss by Jason Castro and the the count him as one ball and one strike runners at second and third the giants having gone to their bullpen here with the the right hander now in the ball game and that is obese haha P. A. R. R. A. and there's a a fastball at ninety four miles an hour the Mrs too and what would you say to oldies pada pilots yeah Bakula all right Sir and you discuss with them what you just told us the your maze and analysis you you have a lot of stories about them the two of them playing alongside them in your book yes well I any mileage with a giant I was center fielder when they're brought me over there they had us in a field or a so they put me in right field and then I got traded to the Braves and they had ever I feel that out so that I would like to be a center field but anyway it was great to play with those those guys M. both places I felt like I was a fan watches a lot of what you will have a play baseball now watch Jack Carroll hit it was a privilege to be with those guys is issuing a found out of play by Jason Castro two balls and two strikes you know we may work about two great hitters you know what's amazing is fully.

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