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Live from NPR news in Washington on Giles Snyder opponents of President Trump's declaration of a national emergency along the southern border or planning a protest on this president's day holiday, NPR's, Shannon, van Zandt reports demonstrations are planned from New York to Texas the advocacy group move on dot org is planning many of the protests and others are listed on rally list dot com. Move on dot org says on its website that Trump has declared a fake national emergency and the organization calls it an illegal power grab on Friday. Trump declared a national emergency to circumvent congress and secure nearly eight billion dollars for construction of a wall along the US border with Mexico speaking with reporters in the rose garden, Trump said walls work, and that he was prepared for a long legal battle for the walls, construction democratic leaders say Trump's declaration exceeds presidential authority, and violates the constitution, Shannon. Advan sent NPR news Washington side from legal challenges. Democrats are planning to introduce a joint resolution disapproving of the declaration of a Republican senators have indicated they will support the move, but it remains to be seen whether supporters have enough votes to override a presidential veto attorneys for the dozens of states cities and other groups at sued the Trump administration over plans for a citizenship question on the census say they're ready to take the fight to the supreme court NPR's Hansie lo-long reports. The supreme court justices are expected to rule on the questions fate by June. After it holds a hearing in April. This supreme court will decide whether the Trump administration can use the census to ask whether every person living in the country is a US citizen census bureau research suggests the question will depress participation in the census, especially among Latino and immigrant communities Dale ho is an attorney with the American Civil Liberties union who helped soothing ministration six and a half million people. According to the government's own analysis will not respond to the census because of a citizen. Ship question, that's more people than in the state of Missouri are eighteenth largest state. The Trump administration says it wants the question to better enforce part of the Voting Rights Act, but US district judge Jesse Furman has ruled that to be a quote sham justification Z long. NPR news police in Chicago say they're still seeking another interview with empire actor jussie smollet. New questions are being raised about the alleged attack. That's smell reported last month miles, Brian is with member station WBZ in Chicago. He says smell. Let's attorneys issued a statement over the weekend after police released two men without charge. You did respond to some reports. Alleging that the two brothers told investigators or the two brothers maybe offered up some information about how the the attack was staged and Mr. smart push back on that and said that that was ridiculous and wrong. Police spokesman has declined to comment on the direction of the investigation and from Washington. You're listening to NPR news. British lawmakers have issued a report that calls for a mandatory code of ethics for social media. Parliament's media committee issued the report today it also calls for an independent regulator and singles out Facebook for intentionally violating the UK's privacy and anti-competition laws the North Carolina State board of elections will decide this week. Whether a new elections is necessary in the states nights district NPR's, miles parks reports hearing begins today during which board members are to hear about evidence related to potentially election fraud, the public hearing could stretch in a multiple days as investigators have been gathering evidence for months in the unofficial tally for the ninth district, Republican Mark Harris, leads democrat, Dan mccready by about nine hundred votes. But that margin is in question because of allegations that a man higher by the Harris campaign tampered with vote by mail ballots. The state board of elections is made up of three Democrats and two Republicans. They need to reach bipartisan conclusion to eat a certify Harris or call a new election. If they're deadlocked at the end of the hearing, the issue goes to the democrat controlled US, house of representatives, miles parks and PR news. The South African Olympic champion runner. Caster Semenya is in Switzerland today at the court of arbitration for sport in Tucson today is the first day of a week long hearing, which could decide Semenya's running future. She is seeking to overturn eligibility. Rules proposed by track appeals governing body for hyper Dragic athletes. They I AA f wants to require women with naturally elevated testosterone to lower their levels by medication before being allowed to compete in.

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