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Dot com But when you give. Fifty dollars echoes so far that this is kind of an illustration of how wealthy we are as a nation we in America Are so wealthy the fifty dollars which is not a ton of money can feed in Guatemala or in Haiti a kid four a year you'd think it's, like it's a month may be right year year because food for the poor works with all kinds of organizations around. The world to keep costs, down but fifty dollars from you to food for, the poor. Feeds a, kid, for year and also provides water for life a lot of these kids their families have, to walk miles to get, clean drinking water, I mean again it's hard for us to imagine the level of poverty in places like Haiti and Guatemala which are in our hemisphere. Not far away Let's be honest this. Is? Why I believe in the free market, and I believe, in. A small government so that people can be empowered not to ask the government to help but that we are the government we. Can help we don't need to go through the government in the. Bureaucracy of the government but you have to give to organizations that do. Great work like food for the poor so Metaxas talk dot. Com is our website. If you, go there you can give if you give fifty dollars as we. Said that feeds a. Kid for year, this is the sort of thing to mention to have mentioned the sooner but, this is something you can, do with your kids right like a lot of us have kids they're gonna lounge whatever and I think we try to teach our kids to tie right at ten, percent of your money should go to God's work it's not all about you and buying candy or whatever you're doing. So the idea that just, fifty dollars can feed a kid for years it's, an amazing. Thing to, be, able to tell your kids here's what we're doing my daddy you're putting in half or, we'll put in thirty dollars, and you kids Like fifty dollars a, meal out like medium price meal out for family of. Four? You know and so you you give, one meal and, then. Feeds one child entire you new your kindle by two cocktails yeah that's about it no no seriously it's just it's nuts so. I wanna say for fifty dollars you can feed for a year. And obviously were hoping that some people will give a lot more than. That if you give fifty dollars we want to thank you. By sending you some. Bumper stickers, four four bumper stickers how do we settle on four I don't know Four beautiful Eric Metaxas show bumperstickers they're big they're bold they're beautiful and you'll, be the, envy of of? Everyone, I mean you. Drive, of, the. Parking lot if you. Drive down the highway for example when, people see the stickers they will burn almost literally with envy that's just what happens beautiful and I'm sorry but. Yeah we want to drive, people to burn with with with with envy and not literally, of, course, but they're. Beautiful so we want to say? Thank you and There's no way to get them unless you give. To food for the, poor you can't buy these stickers so if you give one hundred fifty. Dollars we will give you four stickers as, we said but then we also give you another four, stickers of, Metaxas super now Metaxas super you're not allowed to display these stickers unless, you actually subscribe to Metaxas super so to keep you out of jail we will give you a free subscription. To Metaxas. Super figuring hundred fifty dollars you get a free annual subscription to Metaxas super and as, we've said many times we're building..

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