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Spawned at one hundred eighty degrees came up bj chessen was a sitting duck so we are under yellow with two laps complete at the ninetieth indianapolis five hundred teammates exiting the race to the same accident had happened before but not with the two teammates being the only drivers involved donald davidson gives a little historical perspective on the buckingham chess and the one that i can think of where there were two cars taken out but it was a multi car accident was at the start of the nineteen sixty six race tim robbins and raleigh hosted had partnered there unlike the worst billy foster and kale yarborough and neither one of the may determine one in nineteen ninety two rick mears slash start actually ended with an accident with jim crawford and emerson fittipaldi and rick mears were both taken up same accident after the two cars were cleared from attract a long period of green flag racing was dominated by defending race winner dan wheldon we pick up the action on lap sixty seven has just picked up third places he gets around sam hornish jr mark jay z three at the midway point of the trade away looking for that brain and white seven eleven the sheen to come into view traffic for these guys secondly the fifty one car of any came running about tony tony economics the exit of the short shootings down below the white line you know the last time the last time through guys we saw four wide on the straightaway we've got a we've got a crash here it's thomas scheckter he is spinning any hits the entrance to the bits thomas scheckter in that vision machine so thomas scheckter has made hard contact with the ontinue waiter did protects the drivers when they make contact with the pit wall this is the pit wall that separates pit lane from the outside wall of the racetrack thomas scheckter and chris scenario you were watching it when it happened it looked like he just simply wall surrender that car through number four yeah he lost the rear end he slammed he slammed the outside wall and then we're right across the track and it's really fortunate that nobody hit him he had just passed marco andretti and then as he slid across the track it got a little bit dicey but nobody came in contact with him then he hit that attenuated you could see that he may either hit the.

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