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One thing kyle talks about. Is that when he developed gatsby. He wanted to make doing the best thing. The easy thing so in other words you bill gates means such way that it makes it difficult to make a poor performing website. You'd have to work really hard to make a poor website with gats eke just because there's so much performance out of the box that comes with it Since we're kind of. I'm a marketer. And i will say right now gatsby If you're building with gatsby that's really a developer tool at right now Do you need to understand. You know basics of coding but we do have features for the marketer like preview for example because once you have your website built or you're updating pages or the website build is a process then of course the content creators marketers. Play a big role there in You know working out what the content is going to say and how the images should be laid out and that sort of thing so linda what would you say are the benefits that gatsby brings for large scale. Enterprise web teams and on the types of teams. What what's most attractive to marketers in the it managers folks that are responsible for the website. sure so for large scale websites. We actually have a couple of great case studies. We've done recently. One is with impossible. Foods they're gonna that hot new company that makes vegetarian hamburgers And they have a against the website so the things that i've heard larger enterprises enjoying about got speed is that you still get that blazing fast speed for your website. Nobody wants to go to a website and it takes five seconds to load a page. That's not a great experience for anybody. and especially for ecommerce sites. That will literally cost you money. So for every second it takes page load. You're going to lose more sales more revenue because people will bounce from the site So that's one of the main benefits. I hear from larger companies or companies like e commerce sites that are trying to make money on the web They have to have the optimize site. It needs to be fast It needs to be very interactive. So it's not just fast from the initial page load. But it's fast as you're navigating between pages because that's does what you could call pref- etching it kind of sees where the user is on the page at a pre loads the links Depending on where are in the page and what we anticipate the user will do next. So it's really becomes the seamless experience for the user that site visitor Which then of course market is really care about because we always have the customer or the user experience in mind we we just recently launched a project i'm gatsby magnet.

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