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Good morning, Jo brand. Good morning, down, clipping. How is everybody today? Good morning, Lou. Doing Well, How are you better than the White Sox last night against the Chicago Cubs? Yeah. Yikes. I checked that score laden when I was going to bed, and I was like it was the You know the bottom of the ninth and it was like, you know, 500, nothing. It was like, Oh, yeah. Cubs offense finally came through. They needed a big time and there's been a lot of home runs in this cross town Siri's overall this year. No. Although this is what I really want to talk about, because something happened earlier in the week, I was listening to on the job and put you on the spot here. But you know how you know, but you know how I want. Jack attack and Christine duct tape to meet because they got the best names. But there's a pitcher for the Sox earlier in the week that I guess didn't have a good outing. Maybe he's a rookie. He's got interesting. Last name. Ah crow, She Garrick O'Shea or No, and I heard David and talking about it like this guy. We got to get the three of them together. It's because he's got kind of the same kind. It's Ah, it's Ah Ah, I don't know if he was a reliever. I know him put you on the spot, but I was like I got to remember this guy's name, and I didn't. I never heard the guy's name before you sure it was a pitcher. Mm. I think so. Yeah, He's a pitcher and these guys, So do a little research for me because I want him I want. I want to get these three together because I think there's something there. I mean, you're not talking about Louise known that Louise Robert, who needs No, No, It's like he's really hope. He's not a picture. It's kind of our It's gotta hard. He's got hard constants in his name, like Cannot cannot cannot. Yes, Money grand All now know that run dolls a little that Nomar Zara? No, you're looking at all the pictures. I know. I'm looking at the guys that are struggling. I mean, their pitching staff has been pretty good, Dylan See, says struggled, though. Tailback. Bobby del back. Bobby Dahlbeck. I don't know. I'm let me see your picture is a picture of Carlos Roden hetero outing Anyway, I was there. Is that right? I mean, so this is how my mind works. I was little I had met your buds in and I was listening Wg and Dave, and it's talking about this picture. And he says, the guy's name and like, Oh, my gosh, I've got to introduce him to Christine duct tape and Jack attack. I really wanted to be the one that came through for you on that slow. It'll come on in to be the one. It'll come to me any more of like Roger McDowell. No. Well, his microphone off turning incidence in there. I just All right. We'll get it. We'll find it's good. Oh, it'll come to me later. Or maybe David. It'll calling Hey, real quick Before we get started at 8772134 Louis. No, it's been announced that Talked a little bit about this yesterday. When I was on with Bob Surat when I do my first call, But ah, the news has been announced that O'Ryan Samuelsson has Ah You know? The part timers finally gonna retire after 60 years and what's amazing about Orient Samuelsen is not only his talent and his commitment to his craft. But what he's meant to the farmers and the Agra. Community, the agricultural community for 60 years here at W. J in radio, and I mentioned this a little bit yesterday morning. You know, early on in my career at W, G and radio when I would come in in the mornings. Orient and Max Usedto host the Saturday morning show, which was on very early, And then there was the great outdoors show that was on prior to Charlie Potter. He and I would see all these. You know legends in the morning as a kid walking in there, and I would listen, driving in early in the morning and There's no question that anybody that's a broadcaster or does this for a living looks to someone like Korean. When you look at that career and just can't be amazed and the different things that he's done, and what he's meant, Tio To listeners, a CZ well as his television audience that he's also done so much television over the years, just an impressive resume and my congratulations to him. It was, you know, my honor to Ah, kind of Be in the shadows of of someone that is just so talented and so so well liked and loved by his audience, So congratulations to Orient. I only wish you the best and and hoped for Long and Ah ah, healthy retirement for you as you. Hopefully it probably still get up three in the morning. But, you know, try and sleep in a little bit. That wouldn't be such a bad thing. So congratulations, Orient 8772134, Lou 8772134568, Let's go. Go to the phone lines real quick, By the way. Our first call this morning is sponsored by bath fitter dot com Forward slash Lou, That first caller this morning is Mike was calling in from Chicago. Mike. Good morning. You're on W g. N Morning, Lou. How are you? How may I help you actually met like about We met about five years ago to Gilda's Club event. Uh, we did a on event together. So do you remember? Do you remember what I told you when we met? I told you to never told you. I told you never to call this. The 11 Don't ever call this. Don't ever call this radio. No, I'm kidding. I could help you, Mike. Okay, so I'm buying a house in the suburbs. It's 1945 ranch with a slab addition and in the slab is ductwork and wrapping the duct work is Nece pestis. Material as an insulation, and I had asbestos guy look at it and he said, Well, it's non friable so meaning it can't be crushed by the human hand. Right. So, he said, it's not Dangerous and won't be Articulate blowing into the air. I just want to get your opinion on that I've seen online I've seen people say should bury, you know, put, pour cement down them. Other people say it's fine. Other people offer lining services for the Ducks. Well will learn it and hold on a second. So the, um The insulation for the duct work is on the outside of the duck work. Correct, correct. Okay, so and then the interior is the interior of the duct work is at a metal piping..

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