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Go to black moment is if you study at carefully off the beat. Just exactly as the clicks were at the beginning. It has to be right it that suddenly you wait. Oh it's over. It has to be off the beat. It has to be off the beat. It has to have no more lines. I mean there's no snow more spoken where you just have the the law men kind of encroaching in but as you say you're not going to get a last final poetic moment right. You had your poetic connection but the bullets of flown. The bodies are dead and there's nowhere else to go and the two guys who just happened on the violence who have to look at it as well like what the hell just happened here. And it's a it is a beautiful study in violence and death and fame and how how people matter to me. I love this. And that's and that's I agree with everything you're saying why people matters such a poignant way of putting it where you say you can understand especially in this day and age where we still blame You know media and art forms for all the violence in the world and you know you have. You can't help but question that a little bit but so you say like okay like those reviews that were so critical of this movie. Yes we have a romance of these two bank robbers but no one comes out of this movie and says I want to be a bank robber not for a second because we just needed to build up the mythology of Bonnie and Clyde we needed to change Bonnie and Clyde Right Bonnie and Clyde were not attractive people. These were quite literally ugly and and spiritually ugly ugly people but no we had to make them beautiful and we had to make it so we love them so we could show how horrible this life and the violence that surrounds them really is right. And if if people went out dressed like Bonnie and Clyde they weren't also robbing banks so it's it's okay. Yeah well equipped. Well put their Ted any any final thoughts on on Bonnie and Clyde and its place in Nelly. Say that long with the graduate and in the heat of the night and Dr Doolittle and Guess WHO's coming to dinner. Those five films were nominated for an Oscar in nineteen sixty seven and the films that were essentially overlooked were the graduate and Bonnie and Clyde now guess which films we talk about more today which which to have we done an episode Ana. We haven't done an episode on in the heat of the night. Which by the way is quite a good movie. Yes but compared to these two giants. There's a terrific book about this again. For film enthusiasts. It's called pictures at a revolution by Mark Harris about about the making of all five of those movies and the dynamics that went into the final win for in the heat of the night. Yeah Okay if you if you haven't already listen to it or maybe if you're just hoping for a little retrospective on the year of Nineteen sixty-seven go back and check out episode. Ninety four of classic movie must were Ted and I talk about the graduate. I think especially if you haven't listened to it already and it might be fun to listen to these two episodes in conjunction with each other. Because there's no two ways about it. Obviously the late nineteen sixties was a transformative moment for Hollywood. It is a kind of a watershed moment of global cinema coming together. And and you see that in these two particularly special transcendent movies that. I think hit just as hard today as they certainly did. And nine hundred sixty seven here here thank you ted. Thank you Max. That concludes our episode on Bonnie. And Clyde I would love to hear what you think of this classic movie.

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