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Is that something that you know? It's just a misnomer Yeah I mean that's the jerseys always been about them of jokes for years. You know that it's You know 'cause you know if you landed in Nuuk airport drive on the turnpike right there when you get out of there. It's just all these refineries and smoke stacks and you know it doesn't look appeasing at all and then you know or appealing and then you know then you drive twenty thirty miles you have to. You have to beans. You Got Lakes you guys you know forest you got you know green trees everywhere and nice houses and all that stuff but people just see if they drive on the main road through going through New Jersey just like not a lot of scenery so yeah but we got beautiful beaches and all that I love it. I mean it's close to New York City. It's close to everything Billy Boston Baltimore. Dc You know. I So I always people say Good Cape. Making Fun of it. So let's move here. That's the way I love all right and then finally tells a little bit more about everybody. Awful yes the podcast. It just made me making fun of social media. You know like they all sat descending you know Stuff that they think I will hate US social media and I just do a random out for like an hour. You know my podcast. I do one on Mondays. And Thursdays and You know it's just you know the people that you know. Make up stories that they helped an old lady across the street and then also gave her a hundred dollars and motor lawn lawn. You know and I was Kinda stories where you know to lie and we just wrote a people order. Pick up those facebook games. You know they make you know Yeah ten conscious. I went to one idea. Which one is it? Don't cheat like you know. How am I GONNA? Cheat which knowing that you know. I don't know which country you didn't go to. I'M NOT GONNA call Madison Square Garden and look the security footage Bob Seger shower. Not How am I gonNA Cheat Right? That's Tim Florida. Everybody is off. Yes yes I saw. It comes out on Mondays and Thursdays. Wherever you get podcasts all right Jim Florentine. Thanks for your time. If you ever in San Francisco we ever have stand up comedy game. Come on in the studio would love to have you.

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