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It. Here's a rewind of the Mark Simone show already in progress. Law enforcement guys off the record former intelligence guys, you know, guys that can dig really deep into some everybody's Email. Everybody's cell phone. So they're checking herself everybody got into her cellphone phone checking the National Enquirer works. They're trying to get to the bottom of this. He believes it might have been politically motivated that maybe some right wing people. Maybe even the president in revenge for the Washington Post. Maybe they've done this. Tim sounds crazy to me. There are other ways they could go after Basil's. This would not be it. So a lot of money will be spent a couple of million will be spent on this investigation. All because she's a hell of an actress, and is crying and convinced him. It wasn't me. Somebody got into my phone. We'll see what happens. Let's go to John in Brooklyn. Hey, john. You all all the Justice department. Just a comment that you made the Justice department is. From the Thursday. That'd be awful. In. One of his name session. Way. Call me. By the president. On home. Say. Once a witch admits and calling up. This investigation. I wanted stuff. And you all the terrific explaining how. Independent agent. You know, that's a good point people. Make these crazy claims. The Justice department is supposed to be totally independent. No, it's not it's a cabinet department. The attorney general's a cabinet member president is in charge of the Justice department. The president is the Justice department, the president has total control of the State Department Labor Department. The Justice department has total control there's at famous example of Nixon was at a time. They were trying to help the business climate, and they they were going after I t and t I don't have it lost it. I'll try to find it against the great clip of Nixon calling the acting attorney general dumb shut that investigation down. Now ordering shut it down. But they could do that at any time with any of this. This Ray the new FBI director looks like a disaster you had under Komi some really dirty cops in there. Just most of the FBI great hard-working heroic men and women, but Komi surround. Himself with some really sleazy bad cops. You know, you had struck page McCabe. I mean, these are all people have been caught line fired in disgrace. Komo's little Kabali at around. And a Ray, obviously, not as bad as these guys. But he doesn't look great. As mentioned before the Senate Judiciary committee is now going to investigate the FBI for that. Roger stone raid that was a ridiculous over the top theatrical stupid this Normandy, invasion on the lawn of of Roger stone's, just a waste of taxpayer money. Let's go to Don in Huntington station. Hey, don. Mark. How are you? Good. Just a just a statement with with with the Intel agencies blasting Trump, the Intel wasn't it wasn't it Robert Muller that gave the Intel to President Bush that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And. No, no. You wouldn't you a little leery about trusting your Intel? No is it mentioned before this is perfectly normal every president questions intelligence as is all the time. They don't always do it publicly. But there have been many presidents from Obama to Bush to whoever when they come in with the briefing, and they give them the stuff. He goes, you're wrong. This is wrong. Go do it again. That happens a lot. It's not unusual. Not a new in fact into former CIA guys will tell you president said, you don't know what you're talking about. You're wrong. Go redo this comeback with another briefing, the perfectly normal happens. All the time. Let's go to Mary. Also in Huntington. Hey, Mary interested in the interview that you had with the economist. Sorry, I don't remember his neighbor. Thank you when he was talking about manufacturing jobs that need to be filled in Ohio. I'm just wondering why the wonderful governor who seems to care for people so much. Why doesn't he help the manufacturing companies trained some of the people? On welfare. So that they can get off the dole and begin to earn some money if they're on. Well, he can't shared brownies democrat. He's busy raising money. He's going to run for president. He's going to run for vice president, he's fundraising. They don't have time for actual work or anything. It's like, our mayor our governor the busy campaigning. They're going to run for this that they're meeting with donors. They're traveling around making speeches at the time to sit.

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