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Ninety export-led now. News update. From ABC news. i'm daria aldinger the acting commissioner of u._s. customs and border protection says he's stepping down and it comes amid outrage over his agency's treatment of detained migrant children here's a._b._c.'s alec stone letter obtained by news john sanders doesn't say why he's leaving tells u._s. customs and border protection employee said he's offered his resignation effective july fifth in that letter he reflects on his career and thanks agencies employees and calls on employees to hold their head tie with honor and distinction which he says they so richly deserve the letter comes after the discovery of migrant kids being held in what is being described as deplorable conditions at an agency station in texas president trump calling for aid and much better than they were under president obama by far and try to get the democrats to agree to really give us some humanitarian aid humanitarian money a._b._c. news has confirmed there were government official that mark morgan has been tapped to lead customs and border protection in brussels for a meeting of nato defense ministers acting defense secretary mark esper- says he wants to persuade allies to form a broader international coalition to deter iranian threat and i think my discussions with them will be and has been beginning already is to work with us we need to kind of broaden out the engagement on this and we all need to work together to get on a diplomatic path president trump threatening around with potential obliteration in some areas if it attacks anything american that was in response to iran leaders taking a swipe at the president utah asking the public for tips to help find a missing university of utah student salt lake city police say mackenzie luke was last seen on june seventeenth when she took a lift from the airport to a park to meet someone stocks slid on wall street led by technology and internet companies the dow dropped one hundred seventy nine points the nasdaq fell one hundred twenty one you're listening to a._b._c. news so you see our top local story oregon republican senators are absent for a sixth day as they hold out to stop the controversial cap and invest climate change bill senate president peter courtney says it's dead house bill twenty twenty does not have the votes on the senate floor will not change that shocked and disappointed demonstrators rallying outside the state capital today demanding that senators return supporters of the controversy you can invest bill didn't believe it when senate president peter court announced there are not and will not be enough votes to pass this session liar then a message from house speaker tina khotak confirmed the worst Kate Brown urged demonstrators not to give up. It's gonna take some time. It's going to take persistence, and it's going to take passion. Do you have the passion? the poems lease bureaus major crash team continues to investigate last friday night's fatal crash that killed a twenty three year old man on i four westbound officers say montiel chak own sanchez died when his car rear ended a semi at one twenty second avenue the truck drivers cooperating with investigators westbound lanes were closed for several hours no other details are being released residents in sandy need to watch for a cougar it was seen on pleasant street monday evening cruise used a heat detecting device trying to locate it but we're not successful this could be a bad summer for wildfires in oregon but eleven ninety xs bradford says fire crews already graph of the oregon department of forestry says conditions are right for a bad fire season expecting hotter and dry some raft says they have high out and train seasonal firefighters but they're concerned about a higher than normal number of human caused fires already this year if you're planning to camp over the fourth of july don't use fireworks on state lands in the queue says when there are.

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