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Let's speak to BBC Monitoring Vitaly Shevchenko. Welcome to Newsday. Tell me First of all, they weren't using his name. So it's such a major event that must be quite awkward. How are they referring to him? Quite awkward, and Russian politicians can be Unusual, if not to say strange, and this is Is one of the most bizarre things I've seen in almost 20 years of washing it. S so we have the country's most prominent politician, very vocal, very spoken. And yet top officials cannot bring themselves to utter his name to begin with. They tend not to raise the subject of a novel in the first place. But if they're asked by journalists, the The linguistic gymnastics are amazing. For example, President Putin has called him that gentleman or that character on DH. His spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, Um, ever since no violence reported poisoning, has been referring to him. As the Berlin Patient or the sick man off the Lynn. So why's this happening? What One of the most popular theories we've seen in the media is that the the Kremlin is reluctant to make a violent, more popular by mentioning him. Which the Kremlin has dismissed in the Kremlin officials are saying, Look, Putin is so popular, he does not need to worry about rivals. But Navalny's case illustrates very nicely Think how come Vladimir Putin ended up being Russia's most popular politician? By far the fact is that some of his critics and most prominent opponents have ended up poisoned or in exile or dead. And he really is their worst nightmare, isn't he? Because just a day ago? I mean, you know, we know that traces of another talk were found in his system have yet to discover exactly how they got their little fingers pointing at the Kremlin on DH. There he is in the German hospital, walking down a staircase. Amazing recovery, says he describes a clear path. To recovery. That's what he tweeted out, he says. It's already a clear path. Although a long one By the looks of things he is coming back. How are they going to deal with that? It was coming from his name. That's very true on DH. We've seen mention of his name in the media skyrocket because you can't report a major story without naming the main character on that nightmare that you mention it. It looks like nobody's coming back. To Russia to hold the Kremlin on. That's a big problem for Putin, because not only have you really can bring many 1000 people onto the streets, his videos online. That's how he became. So popular by publishing videos investigating official corruption. They are watched by millions. So was his back on DH. We've heard reports that Navalny is aware of what happened. He remembers how he got poisoned. One was his starts speaking about itself. The criminal will have a lot to deal with. Listen, Thank you for the update. Very interesting. Baby. See, monitoring Vitali Shevchenko on Alexey Navalny were saying his name but apparently the Kremlin isn't no lots of Russians in the news is well in our other story subject to international sanctions, but still being able to move money around largely. Thanks. It appears to British banks. This is this extraordinary story. It's a great sort of data dump a leak of seeking of secret banking reports. Now these air Things called suspicious activity reports in a sense what it shows is it shows banks kind of doing the right thing. They spot what look like being suspicious transactions. And they report them on DH. It's those reports knows the fence in or Finch in files, which have been leaked first to Buzzfeed News, then shared with the BBC Panorama program by the International consortium, investigative Journalists..

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