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Hundred steps. That's right. So that's like, oh. Helen Mirren not racist about both white people. Hundred steps? What is it? One hundred yard journey, something like that. But it's about like what's the next hour? Indian family. An Indian family opened up a restaurant across from Meryl Streep, who's got like a Michelin seller. I'm so happy that I mixed up the dudes, but also to. I just generally don't know things. It's not an issue. So specifically barbecue. What made you guys? I mean, obviously barbecue is like there's a weird sort of masculine tradition around it's, of course it's not just down gender lines. Anyone could cook barbecue, but the something about smoking meets in like sedan our labor outside giant hunks of animal fat and blood, not blood, but like juices, right. For me, it's all I was born in Texas and raised in Oklahoma. Okay. This is like, so those are two. That's awesome. What about you? I was raised Jewish. Chicago, and whenever whenever I would eat unleavened pizza. Smoker, we're going to go a foot mozza. God, my mouth is soldier. But growing up my favorite foods tend to be like southern food. There's nothing in my ancestry that says, I should enjoy this, but eating barbecue with my dad, particularly a restaurant in Evanston. That's no longer there called Merle's that would serve Brunswick stew is. It's just it's barbecue. Chilly. And was like one of my favorite right in my wheelhouse. Then as soon as I was in a place where it's like I can cook, I'm Mon kitchen barbecue was something I wanted to figure out almost gave myself zinc poisoning in college because I, we're saying this before we eat. We. Zinc. There's a way to go out. It's death by barbecue. I'll take. I was in the process of making barbecue rig out of an old trash can in college. Buddies. A buddy of mine says to me like, I don't think you can use a trash can. It's a cooking vessel. And then Google is great because Google says, don't do that. You cannot cook in a garbage can ten? Oh God, that's absolutely terrified. That is my. My grandfather was a like a caterer like a chef, but in like he was an army cook who turned into like he cooked for parties and like the VFW and worked at a deli. So he wasn't like chef per se, but he would cook like shit on a shingle chip beef was like as big thing. But he used to barbecue for all the holidays and he cooked a cut in half oil. Drum a chain link fence over it was awesome. There's something very, like if you were never in the military, it's like a lot of rigs. Yeah, there's, oh, yeah, I gotta put this thing on the back of the truck truck load of stuff to make barbecue, which is like inherently all. I'm like, this kind of delicate artsy dude what I'm like. No, I might get a Bruce. This smoke, there's fire. There's temperatures animal real bad for you. Right. All barbecue. Is the fuck and bombed? Dude, southern food is so for real, I seek it out wherever I go. I always want to try the new good barbecue spots. Do you have favorite l. a. barbecue spots? I do. I have a strong. Those barn. Q. is my absolute. Also the original blood says, but the one I've been to more often because it's closer to me on the brand. Yes. Still there? Yeah, jar, whatever it is. Ingle ingle. Yeah, that's my hits like exactly what the hell I'm looking for. I think I think that's like pretty much the best barbecue. I've had out here to haven't had many place because once I found that I kind of got going there. Oh, everything's. And you know where I live now, I live rather close. Changes location. What I did do a couple of times out of eaten. There was promise myself. I had to walk there and back walk, their smoke joint, eat a bunch of barbecue. But then I've Uber back outside..

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