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I'm Randy Johnson. And I want to be your jeweler, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong UN are expected to get together as early as this week correspondent bills in for has the latest a Kremlin spokesman confirmed Monday that a meeting between the leaders was on track and could happen before the end of the month that meeting could come as early as Wednesday in bladder Vostok. It comes after the failed Vietnam summit with President Trump and North Korea's criticisms of secretary of state, Mike Pompeo who North Korea accused of poisoning, those talks bills, emperor NBC News Radio. Existing home sales are down four point nine percent for the month of March. According. To the national association of realtors each of the four major regions in the US decline in sales sales as a whole are down five point four percent from one year ago and a ours. Chief economist Laurence yon said they anticipated the decrease a lawsuit filed by a California wildfire victim hopes to compel the state insurance. Commissioner to do a better job. Joe McConnell reports. A Santa Rosa man who lost his home in the 2017 tubs. Fire is suing the state insurance department claiming it's allowed untrained out of state adjusters to give bum advice. Jeff sing stack in his Healdsburg attorney, John Eisenberg are not asking for financial damages. Instead, they just want to judge to order insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara to more strictly regulate adjusters who aren't up on California law department denies it's a widespread problem once an appeals court to toss out the suit saying judges can't tell state officers how to do their jobs Prince, Harry and Meghan Markle may be planning a big move after the birth of their first. Child. London. Sunday Times is reporting the family could be moving to Africa sometime next year. Rumors started swirling after the couple posted a message on their Instagram account encouraging people to donate to the lunchbox fund which helps feed the hungry children in South Africa. According to Buckingham Palace, the rumors are just that and any future plans for the Duke and duchess are speculative at this stage. Brian shook NBC News Radio.

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