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Say some little Faster. Did that some little kid on purpose? That's what they're saying. And You know, you get some of that stuff on July 4th as well. It just ruins it for everybody. Um, real quick. T k Dub. Can I get some mood music here they have what Wednesday Happy days. Friday. Just setting the mood here comes my cycle home ready to thank you, according to a tweet from Henry Winkler. Played the Fonz on happy days. He says that he's basically rooting for a cataclysmic event to bring America closer together for okay. Quote. Oh, wow. We are so divided as a country only a cataclysmic event that makes us depend on one another can bring us all back together again. Now what he's trying to say, I believe is that you know it's going to take something to bring us all together. But the way that he tweeted it made it look like he was rooting for that to happen, right? We need another 9 11 in this country. Funds. Somebody tweeted back to the Fonz and said, We just had a cataclysmic event. It didn't work to which he replied from the official account of Henry Winkler quote the pandemic pushed the world inside creating a world apart. So he's still all in on having a big, cataclysmic blank show to hopefully bring America together a little bit of a philosophy there from the funds as well. We were inside, so therefore we were apart. You know, As soon as he said, send on that he popped his collar up in the leather jacket gave you the A K A Hammer and Nigel Show. We're.

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