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Sun breaking through the clouds perhaps a lingering shower, here and there but generally. It is a dry day later, tonight tipping down to seventy one and as we head. Into, tomorrow we're back into the. Mid eighties again with more clouds however as a new system approaches so watch for some showers and thunderstorms and that'll. Be the case, on, Wednesday as well with a high of eighty five come Thursday, however beautiful day eighty degrees in sunshine with also lower humidity Friday looking just nice at eighty three in the sun eyewitness weather updates. Eight times every hour on KYW NewsRadio right now seventy five degrees we have scattered clouds at. The broadcast center in spring. Garden had up to eighty. One today Day be news time ten. Twenty five time for the KYW business report with, Courtney Donohoe from Bloomberg business this, week investors will be looking, to Jackson Hawaii, homing central, bankers will meet at, the Federal Reserve's annual. Policy symposium later this week the event may throw up clues on the outlook for, markets stocks are higher ahead of that economists say, the President Trump's tariffs are bad for. US growth a survey by the national association for, business economics showed ninety one. Percent of those surveyed say tariffs, were having an unfavourable impact on the economy PepsiCo has. Agreed, to buy sodastream the Israeli. Maker of home soft drink machines the price tag three point two billion dollars in cash PepsiCo is looking to reanimate. Revenue growth soft, drinks, sales have been hurting in recent years as consumers shy away, from sugary beverages and the first Hollywood film in almost a quarter century with a largely Asian cast top the North American box office. In its weekend debut com score says crazy rotations raked in.

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