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The best quarterback in football is going to be on the roster so here we go Liam aiken burge joshua lee final guy to sign the team. All the rookies are under contract as teams undersung report. I have to say he was eating listed on the team's website yesterday So josh i mean where do you see can really complete competing for the dolphins. This year is going to be locked into that right. Tackle spy after the dolphins traded up eight spots to get him in the second round or consoling. Dj fluker really pushed for the position. Enforce i can to kind of duke it out for right guard position or even just with just davis there is as those backup blind because it does seem this year that the miami dolphins good to have a lot of depth on that offensive. Line something. we're not used to. yeah and some. We're not going to complain about. But i think you kind of touched where he's going to fit in. I think he might eventually become that right tackle. i think he's going to be the starter there knowing. The season begins but You know this is a battle. Everyone's going to have an equal opportunity to win that job. You know it's gonna be every we keep your versatility you know all these offense alarming can play all over the offensive line. So how it fits. I don't know. But i think i can put right now. Has the inside. Track right tackle. I think since last time we talked jake giovane holland and hunter long also signed their rookie deal so Good on the dolphins forgetting them altogether getting them in the building. Because you know today's the first day of school you know you're getting your no pets getting used to your school major classmates things like that tomorrow. You know they'll go out there and do some of that work on the field and to have all these guys. All these rookies under contract. That's a good thing and like you mentioned it's never bad. Have too much on the offensive line. And try to figure out where i can bergh's gonna play and if davis is going to start you know whereas kinley going to go. I mean it's a good situation to be in if you're the dolphins there's a lot of talent in the trenches so now i mean you kind of hit on with howard. The big key is with him with any player is to get the most games as possible. also very physical sports. So there's no promises that any of these guys are gonna play sixteen games so now josh the goal for the preseason the goal training camp above anything else is to stay healthy. So we're gonna take a quick break out on the other side. We're going to talk about a dolphins wide receiver who is starting training camp on the physically unable to perform list so stay tuned for that. We will catch.

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