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Files out to my super producer tari so that's the reason for that but let's talk all about net sweet what is this company was it do where did it come from well it's a company that makes products for other companies products and services so it's a business to business enterprise most of us would likely have no real experience with net sweet unless we work in some company that is relying on net sweets products otherwise we don't really have contact with it it's one of those companies that works behind the scenes and these business to business companies often when you start digging into it on the surface level they seem really complicated and sometimes it seems like there's nothing there in relation to what we do in our normal lives but then when you really look in you realize wait a minute these are the companies that do work that allow the other companies that i am familiar with the ones that i do interface with directly to do their work so you can think of net sweet as one of the companies that creates those products that allow other companies like retail companies service companies to do what they do and that's why you have the experience you do working with those companies at least on a on a grand level before you get really granular so net sweets story begins with its founder evan goldberg goldberg was adopted at birth he grew up in let's lexington massachusetts as a young boy he became interested in math and by fifth grade he was already into programming and he really took to it so much so that that became his main focus he attended phillips academy and over and later he attended harvard he had scholarships with both he graduated from harvard with a degree in applied mathematics very smart guy and a lot of people describe him as being extremely talented when it comes to applied mathematics and coding in fact.

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