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He's got guys around him that he's empowered, you know that he grew up with or that he knew. And when he was young, like fourteen million, he wants some award at the at the NBA fourteen million dollars community. He's, yeah, he's doing this and similar yesterday. That's where you got to interview ESPN. I wonder if if they come together, obviously they're going to try to win championships and I think will. But I also wonder if they're going to try to make some statement about working together and Aldo. It'll be in black men working together to, you know, to win do things and help the commune with. Whatever. But if they join forces, I do think they'll it'll be bigger to them than basketball and they will go out of their way to try to make some type of stadium off the court to your point. It wouldn't leave Golden State chopped liver DaMarcus gets health if he rebounds over him, save fit into the way. Yeah, and it would be a battle. Yeah. Early on clay clay. Yeah, it's weird. You hear many things I hear. I think he's staying and I hear strongly that he stay play. I know you. I know Michael Thompson is that would love him to be the purple and gold, but that's the thing. I mean, how many free agents can they get right? I mean, they can get one may max free agent. Can the Lakers get to, you know, I don't know. They'll be where you will have like a, but you have three guys making between thirty five and forty million and the rest of the guys making two million well for this to be like I say, great for the league though Golden State has to remain intact. If Katie goes to go to the Lakers and Klay go somewhere else and Draymond then. But what what about is the Celtic miss running? Get quiet, Carrie wide Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown. And now you got the Laker than the Celtics just like the old time to good old days. I wouldn't discount ill either in this because. Is with feeling the Lakers back in eighty. Katie were to go to the Lakers again. I know Kawai wants to be an LA, but man, I have to seriously look at Philly. Just for, you know, being on a team that can compete, there's no way Adam silver leading the end abroad and go to. I. Marsden with was, how could he do anything about it? They're free agents. He like, no, it's not happening. He couldn't do anything about it. There's no way you wanna that, hey, you know who LeBron is tight without him silver and like Adam silver would not get in the way you do that. What you wanna see, you wanna Zeke Katie LeBron I wanna see Katie win a championship for LeBron see that. That's that's the look I've talked about. We k. d. how the negatives, right? Why? Why help Brian get rings. There's potential negatives for LeBron potential because what if LeBron starts the decline? He's I mean there's something a little bit. And then what if k. d. is the best player when they join forces. Now LeBron will be playing well championships the championship, but for people like skip, that's going to be fodder that you know. Me how. On j, watch a file. You got minions out. James of me j. j. worthy won the finals MVP over magic. It didn't decrease Magic Johnson who. Listen VP for the whole year. We magic was the man with you, but that will for the LeBron haters that will be fodder. You're going to be near seventeen. So. Let the kinda bags. Look. I say earlier in the show, obviously, Kevin Durant is playing at a higher level, but what happened now. No now, but first of all, they're not gonna let either one of those guys. They play together, Wendy MVP. So that's off the table. They with. This year cable..

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