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So I remember seeing their eagerness to get out to the field when the field was Mike where are you going to go like where is there to go? These were these were mustangs that were that were going for That had previously been enlisted. Is that what they call the Marines? Officers. Your call, mustangs. We just call them wise people in the air. Force, we call them professional golfers actually. Yeah exactly. They're active duty enlisted folks who put in their package got selected and then. They were in your class exactly and they're about fifty percent of our class. You know some of us were brand new college graduates and yeah exactly fifty percent or so were Mustang so to speak I didn't know that was that high. That's awesome. So. Okay. So you're Lincoln says that you were an aircraft instructor navigator for surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft yes one. One, which aircraft are we talking youtube or unmanned? A amand we you know that was my very polite way of saying I was a navigator on a what's commonly referred to as spy plane was at Youtube or Would they run s are seventy was at that point where they are correct that's had been retired although that would have been a assume that one at mach three Alma Gosh but. We we were in the. The. Unknown. Our aircraft is is literally the black sheep of of the Air Force? It's got a it's a long knows it's the rivet joint. no-one knows about it. Even. In the Air Force I would tell people that I flew as a navigator on the thirty five and they'd say oh. Yeah we take all the time from the Casey went thirty five no artsy one, thirty, five reconnaissance aircraft again. Gas Me all the time. And you're like, no stopping this is a couple of interesting. Okay. Our C. One, thirty, five. Who makes that Boeing it's a Boeing okay it's a heavily modified. 707 esque airframe. Interestingly. Enough some of our, some of our craft were literally converted. I think initially aircraft like the whole 707 fleet like I think the AWACS. J. Stars and the Rivet joint some of them were converted commercial airliners. Seven seven platforms, and of course when they got to the Air Force we we modified them like mad new engines, glass cockpits. In, our case we installed literally hundreds of antennas. Thousands and thousands of pounds, worth of servers, literally, miles of of Ethernet line I mean we had linguists in the back door listening to multiple things in multiple frequencies and. The aircraft was. As a master of protecting anything in the electronics spectrum. Understanding it. Whether it's person.

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