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Unloading my locker feeling everyone watch me feeling hyper visible and humiliated and embarrassed because i had nothing to show her and then whenever almost off was on the floor she just was like we'll now put it away and rollerblade it off so i was upset the whole day and i was crying on and off because i was human you know i'm fifteen i was humiliated and on my way to lunch my old english teacher from freshman and sophomore year pulled me aside and takes me to the guidance counselor and i was relieved because mrs stow had always been very encouraging she was the perfect freshman english teacher because she made you feel so smart she distributor any she was so like strong she would always tell us girls have the courage of your convictions never say i think say i know and so she took me to the guidance counselor where i told them way sister john done to me and they kind of brushed it off and i was like whatever i kind of figure that would happen and i went to lunch and i was still you know staunchy faced and in my stupid pajamas and the cafeteria worker felt bad for me and she gave me money bagel with cream cheese and my water for free and as i was entering into the cafeteria about to walk to my usual lunch table sister joan enters the cafeteria and she grabs me by my arm and she says come with me and so i look over at my friends and they look over at me but there's nothing so she dragged me away up to the second floor where she's teaching a class.

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