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Key report on inflation shows signs of easing. Here's the AP's Jennifer King. Inflation eased and consumer spending moderated in February, according to today's report from the commerce department. That's good news for inflation watchers, consumer spending rose 0.2% from January to February. That's a drop from the hefty 2% increase a month earlier, consumer prices rose 0.3%, half the increase reported in January, slowing the annual rate to 5%. So called core inflation, a figure closely watched by the Federal Reserve is hovering at 4.6%, but most consumers like Jennifer Schultz and saint Joseph, Missouri, are still feeling the pinch. I'm gonna say I see it most in groceries, just because that's like, you know, weekly, we have to go get groceries. Friday's figures show that inflation pressures are gradually easing, but still maintain a grip on the economy. Jennifer King, Washington. President Biden is urging Russia to free a detained Russian journalist. The AP's Sagar Meghani has the story. The message is simple. The president pushing Russia to release The Wall Street Journal's Evan gershkovich, who Moscow arrested on espionage charges. It's the first time an American journalist has been detained on spying accusations since the Cold War. The Biden administration calls the charge ridiculous and the targeting of Americans unacceptable, asked if he'd retaliated by expelling Russian diplomats or journalists from the U.S.. That's not the plan right now. Sagar Meghani, Washington. The Justice Department is suing Norfolk Southern over environmental damage from a toxic trained in east palestin, Ohio. This is AP news. And unlikely coalition has a plan to return Lolita, also known as toki, and orca that has lived in captivity at Miami's seaquarium for more than 50 years to her home waters in the Pacific Northwest. It could take 6 to 9 months or even longer to move the 57 year old 5000 pound orca, thus aquarium CEO Eduardo alborz says his daughter told him Lolita needs to move. This place is too small for the why do you mean? It's too small. I feel so bad. I have to go and we cry. The honor of the Indianapolis Colts, Jim irsay, says this is very close to his heart. I know Lolita wants to get to free waters. I don't care what anyone says, she wants she's lived this long to have this opportunity. Charles vinick with Friends of toki says moving toki Lolita is worth the $20 million price. That's all the better. It's the weather. I'm Ed Donahue. AP news. This is a 20 a.m. WCT willow springs and streaming

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