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Eight five five two one two four to seven is the number to get on the show. We want to hear from you. The goff. Prescott matchup at the Coliseum in LA is going to be interesting to say the least and when is now on Saturday. Right. So Saturdays colts and. Chiefs at Arrowhead followed by that game. In the Coliseum. Cowboys Rams the first ones at four thirty seconds after that at around eight fifteen and the Rams are favored by seven. And I just want to like look at this thing, everybody talks about how you know, when you're comparing these two teams how you know the defense, obviously for the Cowboys is, you know. Has come to a different level than it than it appeared to be what they were featuring early in the season they came alive. Right. And they they started winning. They took these, and I I did a pretty decent job of stopping Seattle. They got the late back door cover. Touchdown. Right. And the two point conversion that, you know, beat a lot of a lot of people had that at minus one and a half, though, if you got to you push two and a half you lost the bat, but either or so do you believe Carver high that? Off a lot of people thought that he was a bust then he had a much better year. Then he had this year the start of this year. They're talking about his first half was like historic. And then he bottom line tailed off at the end of the year. And but he's got a good defense to do you think is better than Prescott? And do you think the Rams or the Cowboys have a better defense? I think golf is one hundred percent better than Prescott just for the fact that he can actually is accurate with the football and can throw it to where he wants to dot the Dax very accurate, not accurate at all. So I think on that hand Goth is better. I'm still not sold on Goth being the be all end all of of quarterbacks in the NFL. But I think he's shown that he can win games over the past two years. He's got a lot of explosive talent around him as well helps having the the best running back in the NFL behind you that definitely helps. He hasn't been the same without Cup in the lineup. They've missed a lot since Cup went down. So he's still got a lot to prove today. One. They went seven and one of the end of the year. Right. The Dallas Cowboys do you think it was because of their deep answer because they had an easy schedule. I don't I don't believe in the easy schedule stuff. I think that their defense played really, well, I think that they started to find some things on offense that worked for them running game Dak made some you know, that made some plays. I just I the same thing. I said last week. The problem. My problem with Dak Prescott is I don't think that he can win you a game by himself. But I know he can lose you one. That's my problem with him. So he's got a guess Dak Prescott has a sore knee now going into this game. But that's not gonna stop. And there was a conference. Call would Dallas media today, and Sean McVeigh was asked first odds on teams looking for the next Sean McVeigh, I think more than anything. What it is. It's a reflection of our organization success. If there's anything that these last couple of years have made you appreciated surrounding yourself with people who are better than you that you can learn from. I think a lot of it. That's what it's a reflection of. I couldn't be more appreciative of the people that I'm doing this with disease some of your friends, or maybe people that you've worked with get opportunities because of things that Dave earned is very exciting. Seeing Matt leflore the head had the backers is awesome for him at one of my closest friends since we were together in Washington. And then seeing to great coaches on her staff get opportunities compete for jobs. Shane Waldron and Zack Taylor. I think it's great. I think it'd be naive for me to think that I haven't gotten the chances. I got if it wasn't for people that have been around me, and you're just really happy for these guys. But I think it's a reflection of our organization's success funny. I gotta say this after all of that BS that came out of his mouth is that have you ever noticed anyone ever mentioned one other coach on the ram staff ever? Besides him. No. He says all these people that are better than me. That are making me look good. It's the funniest thing. I've ever heard because he gets all the credit and no one at all ever gets one drip of. Who gets love a besides him? No one one other coach today. Mention on the Rams ever. I mean, honestly who weighed Phillips rarely? I mean, that's the only guy that they barely at all the old, man. But they talk about Sean McVay. He gets all the credit for everything. I in fact, he gets credit for every higher in the NFL. Now, everyone who gets hired give credit to Sean McVay. I'm sick of it. All they're looking for. I'm sick and tired of it. What's he won nothing? But every guy that gets a job they credit him. What is going on? I just I don't understand it. I really don't understand it. Stephen houston. You're on CBS sports radio. And what's going on? And I hate it. Hey, can I get a problem? Son, man. Can we get him a beverage can we get him a little bit a little bit of one of those? Thank you. I I'm down here in Houston. Texans are supposed to be my team that. I'm in my thirties. And I'm trying to figure out that as the organization forgotten by guys like us. The guys that grew up with his during the Oilers and. Be forgotten at the time for guys like me to move on. I don't I don't understand how we keep getting a whole lot of nothing. Right. Is this year after year, and then is excuse excuse. And like, I think I think the Texas have like a remember the Tigers complex these guys got this, hard and termination and not really much background. And they think there's going to push through. And it hasn't been working. I don't know if there's any rhyme or reason to the fact that they've had playoff failures. I someone made a really good point to me last night about the raiders that they beat had mcglaughlin playing quarterback in that game Carver high Brandon up, and that's the only one they've ever beaten. They're just not that good in the postseason and O'Brien's had his struggles. But I think sometimes in life, you have to learn how to lose and struggle before you capitalize on those failures and turn it into success. I know that sounds crazy. I don't think it's like a bad organization. I think they're doing in my view a lot of the things. Well, I think they're making good draft picks. I think they they win a lot of games and they're the division leader. And they've gone to the postseason and they've been there. They just haven't figured out how to have success there. And I don't think it really is a reason for you to. Quit on them and find a new team and and jump over to the Cowboys or something like that. Because then I think most of your friends will end up. Beating your ass. You know what I mean? Like who does that like what you lost a playoff game? And you're gonna stop being a fan. I told you what I do. I stop kissing my Steeler pillow. And that's about it. They didn't make the playoffs at the end of kissing the Steeler pillow every night before I go to bed. Now. I just throw it off the bed onto the ground. And sometimes I step on it. But I never stopped loving the Steelers that'd be like Carver high becoming a jet fan after all that is suffering with the bills or mafia becoming a giants fan after suffering with the jets his entire life. Who does that people around your think? That's okay. So it's all right. Let's stick with them. And don't give up on. They lost the game. I mean are all the ravens fans going to jump off a cliff because they got beat by the someone's got to lose the G damn game. I mean every time they play. It's like the NFL sells it right one and done. Someone's got to lose. I mean, the bears they bomb, you lose pack. It up you're done. That's how it works in the NFL. I kinda like it. I kinda like that. And the NC double A tournament to lose your out by there's none of the seven games, and you can. Play better on Thursday than you did on Tuesday. And we still got games five six and seven we still might get a home game out of this nonsense. I love this one and done boom. Either get it done or you don't. And then fans that you're getting up on your team because they lost. It sounds kinda weak ass. In fact, mafia get him another drink. He needs to drink several cocktails to get over the law. Day with Jay baron. Sports flash. Scotty will start in the NFL cardinals have.

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