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Former President Donald Trump begins today in the Senate. A debate on the constitutionality of the proceedings will happen today. Opening arguments begin Wednesday. Trump's team plans to argue that his rhetoric did not lead to the riot on January 6th at the Capitol and that he was simply exercising his first Amendment right to free speech. President Biden trying to make Corona virus vaccine Distribution easier. He and Vice President Kamila Harris toured a vaccination side and Arizona Monday. Fox is gone All Scott reports State Farm Stadium is being used as a 24 7 location, providing shots of the finds a vaccine. The tour took the White House through the process from check in to drive. Thru, in which health services director Dr Cara Crist said the operation can manage between 8000 and 9000 vaccines per day that currently is both 1st and 2nd dose is president Biden says. For sites like this more vaccine is being produced and if we need more back vaccinators We'll send them. We'll find him for you. The NFL is offering all of its other stadiums as vaccination stops is well. GURNAL Scott Fox News School districts in Indiana are trying to work out vaccination plans. Donnie Burgess reports. The Hamilton County Health Department says keeping schools open without interruptions is the top priority. Fisher's public health director, Monica Helps tells Wish TV They may have a plan. Most of the kids are virtual on Fridays that would allow us a day where we could potentially Get a large number of school staff vaccinated and it would also allow them an additional two days or recovery. She says. Mass vaccination sites could be a better option than a phased approach. Connie Burgess 93. W I. B C Mobile News and today is the pizza National Pizza Day, and restaurants want you to get a piece of the pie. There are specials that chains like dominoes and Little Caesars. Some restaurants like Roundtable pizza have free stuffed crust upgrades. Biology is hosting an instagram live event with discounts for those who attend virtually I'm John Herrick on the level on the going on Wi be si dot com 7 33 time for sports with Brendan King in his first press conference since being voted as the newest pro football Hall of Famer, it was easy for Peyton Manning to reminisce on the good times. I think about Adrian and Marvin 1999 being together and kind of kind of beginning this turnaround in Indianapolis soon Helping make it a true football town in football, state and word coming out of New York City that Major League Baseball and the Players Association. I have reached an agreement on rules confirmations for the 2021 season. 2020 campaign brought along seven inning double headers, as well as teams automatically having a runner at second base in extra innings. Both of those will stick around, but the designated hitter in the National League still to be determined. What w NBC Sports I'm reading King. Now a traffic.

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