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Push for legal and social equality freedom you has won paid employee emiko solstice basically at the provost and the janitor of freedom you celta's has a ph d in human rights and social movements and a history of being what she calls a troublemaker she was arrested for standing up for the rights of cafeteria workers when she was a grad student at emory university freedom you was founded in 2011 in response to georgia's policies that put up roadblocks for kids like arturo salt us became executive director in 2014 this ban has now been in place for seven years com and we have an entire generation of young people in georgia who sense they were in middle school now grade school soon thought college was not a possibility and they gave up last year there were just four hundred twenty eight undocumented students enrolled in the university system of georgia that's one seventh of 1 percent celta's tries to convince her students not to lose hope and to explore opportunities and other states she drives a ban of the east coast so they can meet freedom you alumni now going to ivy league schools they tore campuses around the country that welcome students like them and they even asked him to give talks sometimes back home in georgia salt us introduced them to an earlier generation of atlanta's student leaders who faced obstacles and fought back people like charles black who is a board member of freedom you those low college in miami that i could have them because my race mud blacker up in florida in 1958 he came to atlanta to attend morehouse historically black college he was an early leader of the atlanta student movement which challenged segregation bibs illegal for blacks obliged to sit together a replace before because some you can use the same texaco's the hospital that separate ambulances the like some words i mean all these limbs were the law you know uh jeff like this is the law now the rewriting a for our turrel martinez charles black and the civil rights leaders of his generation arnn inspiration black teaches them what it.

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