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Have, you ever had in the Filipino side and your mom have you ever had balut No, I haven't. So. Yeah. I mean my mom used to love that because it'll be a duck egg but not quite hatched but almost. Almost you'd eat that and and my mom loved it. It was the thing like it was almost like you eating but also flopping, yes. No, I can eat anything rob and I tried one I did it this duck still had the little beak and it was like in the and I said it just it just trip me out on. D Goff know. was like curled up like this and it was like, Oh, no no, that's next on you and I can eat anything. Kids would come to eat at my house once. because. There was nothing embarrassed. My mom she would like literally beaten. It's not embarrassing I'm not but they my mother would cook the fish with the head on it because they had this delicious. You know she would literally suck the eyeballs out of the fish ed like it was just kind of crunchy up. Because you. Don't waste anything steady dull. My friends would be absolutely disgusted by and like cooking shrimp with the heads on it. And I remember one time like my my grandfather would live in. The. In Santa Clara he had you know orchards of. Of different fruits and stuff, but he also had pigeon. So I thought we were getting I felt we were getting pets. We brought home six agents and my mother was was dinner for her and she just sealers was cutting the pigeons heads off in the kitchen. Oh, literally, I remember the the hearts bouncing on the kitchen counter and I remember the the page. Literally she's cutting ahead of opinion and the page looked at me like. I thought I was a pet to. That's My brother and I were crying running. Anybody to. Adopt Four. Soon. Digital and then it was horrible. But nobody not even my father wanted to eat it because we felt because we saw that. Yeah. Yeah no becomes. A wasting food alleged? Didn't even like spend their their necks around I still ache. She's not wasting time. She literally like instead of. Just. No time for that time for that. But the main like you know, my mom is a war survivor during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. So like she knows what it's like to starve I, mean she's ninety one years older stomach still has problems from like starving and having any food. Her stories were phenomenal. I mean the Japanese when they came. They stole everything out of their house furniture and everything and they even took i..

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