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Shia traver just all those guys we're competing ray i was in milwaukee so i got to go a state of my folks and i basically just pissed at like hey i'm gonna go scope this out and so we had realized they were like hey let's award uh uh an origin trip you know something that we know to the baristas that are really kind of pushing the envelope and so that was like the beginning of like the quote unquote barista origin trip and then that was formalized into the the fiveyear run that we had with with the us year where was the first origin trip it was to brazil okay first one wishes brazil he aso's myself in then tim chapter lane who horta calf imports at that time and uh and then yeah not joe morocco's on that trip own oryx eurosur joe joe spent uh yeah ryan nabbed there is a really good group of people michael ryan won two years in a row right ryan won two years in a row yes he went to coast after michael harwood uh hitler pete licadho ah alejandro mendez is i was that year philip early yeah he's the okay so that your i got third army okay i'm just trying to make myself back of like where was i what was happening last he doesn't eleven them yeah yeah the first year that happy yep yep yeah okay cool so i got on the second trip rat trying to connect dots now the so that was your idea though right yeah i mean i think they you we sort of looked at it as a team of like well how can we be more involved yeah you know and and you i kinda did a little bit of the research yeah you know just to see if we have something we wanted to do and then yeah they yobs trust trusted enough to be like yeah let's do it let's figure it out see how to do it best and it's kind of a big deal the take a big group of people on another part of the world.

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