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Was a feature of ordered process feature of word yeah well i was going to save this till till the end i think it's like the most fun idea to this whole thing forethought has this like tragic history of a company they're always perpetually raising money to doing bridge around after bridge around after bridge around it's impossible to raise money the irony is that because of powerpoint like powerpoint becomes goal by which more money is raised in the history of humankind over the next thirty years than has ever been raised in history until that point and the irony is the company that made it could not raise money so great but it also reminds me of the dropbox episode and steve jobs telling drew halston that it's a feature not a product ten billion dollar feature i guess there was no difference around in apple in whenever it was two thousand ten to still tell steve that this is a product now now did you research get into the talks that microsoft was having with another potential company only a little bit they supposedly there were two other companies that they were evaluating once jeff raikes had convinced bill gates that this actually needed to be a product within the suite of applications that microsoft productivity applications microsoft would make for windows but they evaluated the powerpoint was the best so apparently dave winer had a company called more capital m o r e and microsoft actually issued a letter of intent to purchase them and ended up walking that back they basically took.

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