White House, Peter, White House Correspondent discussed on The Mike Buck Show


The harm is and what's going to happen if the white house tells april ryan you know what you cover us all you want you're not going to do it from a coveted seat in the third row of the white house press briefing your credentials are hereby revoked what's the harm in that peter well i will get to that in part to here but my first part is you brought up sam donaldson former abc news white house correspondent whom i have i have loved for years and he a real hero of mine and i think quite frankly that exchange is very reminiscent of what sam donaldson would have done if you felt he was getting a jive answer from a white house official or the president himself he would be tenacious he would keep going back like a bulldog and a pit bull and just asking i question again and again but sam donaldson wasn't but sam donaldson wasn't writing books and making it about sam donaldson i think the world has changed in a big way because social media and all the the news media outlets out there we've become a real niche broadcast and cable and social media news stream that you can go and have your preconceived notions of what is right validated depending on where you go if you go to fox news you might say well that's a very conservative person if you go to msnbc perhaps cnn he'll say that someone either middle of the road or to the left if you wanna get your preconceived notions validated that's where you go i the question she was asking was legitimate he.

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