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But I can't like it because I'm all these things are in my way. Seasons of love. I love. It's great. The the one that I did with Anthony in Toronto. You're what you're willing. I'd never get the title that the because you live in it. The very last song is great the no daily today like my candle or whatever it's called. You don't like that? I do. Do. Literally a conversation in the song. No. But the, but the melody of it that's what I mean. That's exactly that's exactly the thing that you hate. No. But what's the melody? But when they get to the actual melody, it's so fucking good. It's that's what's so frustrating about the show. What I'm being very great fucking song. I've told him he's already leaving rather. Fuck it ride. I'll man I I mean, I could light by careful I love I just love that one part. Yes. Yeah. Call me me me. I know I know. But then when they get to that little nugget. It's that's what that's when it really does feel like a workshop where you're like man, if you could have not died and tightened this up into a nice little song. Or maybe his next musical would have been. Really great. Yeah. I don't know. I think that if he would not have died the rent today would be entirely different. Like, I don't know what it would not have had aids. Yeah. I don't know that it would have been the phenomenon either. Like, I think that part of what people gravitated to was like this crazy the story of the the the creation of it. And how it felt very like. No, he did not Diabate. So right. He did not which is weird because I don't even think he was gay. Right. Right. So like not to say that only gay people get H, I don't want. But with all, right. But the mythology of the show was like it's about people who are dealing with aids dying of aids. And then the guy who wrote it. Who wrote this magnum opus, and then the day premiered off Broadway died, it just makes it feel that much more. Like, I don't know. Vital or something even though it's not quite what was happening. You're not washing delete remedy show. Right now, you just sounded exactly like Mike render resumes that he is her co host. Okay. Former scientologist a high up scientologist oboe kind of an asshole. Okay. And he admits it the owns it. And now he's trying to right? His wrongs. But he's got an interesting accent. You just sounded exactly like him weird. Nailed it. Well, it wasn't trying. But and I will never what. Of your favorite favorite seems high. Like enjoy it. Did you before we wrap up rent? Did you see the clip of them doing the reprise? I don't think they aired it on the show. But the what's that song called not no day? But today, but the other one that has reprised at the what's his name. Sayings angels boyfriend. Oh, yeah. The. Is it gonna cover you reprise? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Collins. Yeah. That was fantastic. Yes. Him standing there. And all the rest of the cast is sitting there on the ground, all them are weeping. It's really good. What was that?.

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