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So when you look at the final standings of the constructors championship, who would a thunk it, McLaren ahead of Alpine a 129 plays a 125 coming out of Singapore. And nicely in the interviews afterwards, where below bromance between Lando and Ricciardo, but of course, that won't last very long with two alpines, retiring with engine troubles. Jess, what if Oscar piastre was watching? The race today. I'm sure he was. Well, where was he? Not in the Alpine garage. I'm sure. It was one of those days where everything went right for McLaren and everything went wrong for Alpine. So a mixture of it was down to performance, but I think a lot of it was down to luck. So they chose they were the last team, I think, to switch to slicks. And they were able to do that because the safety car fell at the right time. Had that not happened, which we love, what ifs in Formula One when we're talking about things like this, but that could have gone the other way. But yeah, they were counting their lucky stars today that Alpine had such a shocker. Unfortunate engine problems, but we're at the end of the season where we're kind of expecting expecting those things to happen. So yeah, great result for great results for McLaren. There'll be thoroughly pleased. But to your point, Martin, one Grand Prix does not make a Grand Prix driver. So whilst Ricardo is happy, I'm sure, and the team will be overjoyed with the points what they've got. I think the problem still stands is he qualified P 17 was P 16 with Russell's demotion to the pit lane. And obviously did end up much higher and brought home some well, you know, well wanted points for McLaren, but are we going to see this moving forward? Probably not. Can I be mean about him some more Martin and please do? Yes, so obviously he got into position behind Norris by that final safety car period to allow about the McLaren to sort of stay out and pit later and everyone out of sequence and that enabled him to jump a few places. And then he is on a soft tyre, the only run on a soft tyre, Norris is on the medium. So the Pirelli estimated the offset between the tyres was 6 tenths, so that means a medium is 6 tenths slower than a soft tyre that Ricardo is on. So they pit on lap 36, both of them and there's only one lap from then on to the remainder of the Grand Prix where Ricardo is faster than Norris for the rest of it. He's about a second, a second and a half slower than Norris pearl up. So if you add that second, this is silly mask. But if you add that second, plus the 6 tenth tyre offset between compounds. He's arguably a 1.6 seconds a lap average slower than his teammate. So yes, although they finished fourth and 5th, the pace is as bad as we've seen throughout any point of the season. So Ricardo's popular, we've seen what he can do before, but as Jess said, it's a good headline result, but it doesn't mean we can draw out everything we've written about something. And yes, he's, you know, he's going to be a huge casualty that he's not a McLaren next season, because again, and okay, yes, you can bring in that, you know, he didn't get the upgrades for this weekend and Norris did and if you're assuming that the upgrade is an upgrade and a considerable step forward that explains some of the gap. But that's a lot of time to lose pearl up to your teammate. He came home 32 seconds behind Lando Norris and that's with safety cars bunching the pack up. Lando Norris is quickest lap today was a one 49.2 Ricardo's was a one 51 zero zero and that's their fastest lapse of the race. So such a big difference between those two teammates. But the best result of the year so far for Lance stroll, bringing home the Aston Martin in 6th. Keeping out of trouble, keeping out of the barriers and bringing the car home both Aston Martin with Vettel in 8th as well. So a bit of praise for Lance stroll, I think. There's a period of time when Vettel was holding off Max Verstappen. That was an interesting part of the race, couldn't do it towards the end when max would get ahead of both Vettel and Hamilton mainly because of Hamilton. He was so close to taking a lunge down the inside of Vettel, decided to opt out of it. And then that let Verstappen passed. There was a good part of the race earlier as well, where Alonso was a bit of a roadblock and Verstappen couldn't get behind until Alonso's Alpine engine expired the same for Esteban ocon as well and when they asked Alonso after the race as well about some of the upgrades and how the car felt. Yeah, you're asking someone who's not going to be driving that car next year, how he feels like the up. He was like, yeah, it's fine. Everything's okay. The car was fine. He doesn't care, he's not driving that car. Next year. So Pierre gasly came home tenth and getting the final point and for alpha tauri, but poor old Yuki with a team next year. He's got his drive, but absolutely shunted today. And he looked really frustrated with himself for doing that. In really difficult conditions, but who came home 11th not scoring a point. The performance of Valtteri Bottas and the Alfa Romeo. After amazing start to the season, the season is definitely ending with a whimper rather than a raw Kevin Magnussen we've talked about getting that flag to come in and fix that frontal wing which didn't look too bad to me. And Mick Schumacher really battling for his career and a seat and a drive next year. I think but a gutsy performance. Today, but ultimately, again, finishing over a lap down in 14th and George Russell. Fastest lap of the race today. Final classified finisher. In 14th starting from the pit lane, taking a fourth set of a bunch of engine components. But George, oh, George. I think the best thing George did today was use the word crikey over the radio, which seems to have been picked up by plenty of memes. But apart from that, he went to the slicks earlier than everybody else. He was running last, he had to have nothing to lose. And he was pretty defiant as well when he had terribly was three seconds off the pace of the next car up the road. Stuck with it. And those dry tyres did come to him. What did George say after the race? Not our finest weekend. He said, but the team did a mega job to resolve our quality issues which combined with our pace in the dry is a big positive. In the long and demanding season, we're bound to have one that doesn't go our way. So once again, George Russell, the ultimate team player always talks about we not. Yeah, it's a one off. And not long to wait till he's back in the car. And racing again, any thoughts on the drivers that I've just mentioned guys feel free to chip in if you've got some thoughts. I can offer a flippant remark on George Russell, which is obviously when he was put onto a slick. He came out of the pits and did that amazing slide at a turn three. I was watching it, so I lost this. This is absolutely spin, but it caught it back. So I trust it to the good people at the Internet to slice teriyaki boys, that theme song from Fast & Furious Tokyo drift over that because that was a proper bit of car control. I rated that. The fact that the fact he bought it back and still pointed in the right direction was proper proper indeed, right? That's our show for today. Now we want to hear from you. Keep the conversation going. Email address for this show is podcast at auto sport dot com. You can always reply

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