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I have heard some suspicion that mark s might have created in one of the creators of wannacry and that's how he was able to stop it what do you think of that again something we've discussed on again a needs to some very convincing evidence because the wannacry oh one who keep things pie wannacry is that it was developed with the language used within the code is roche is russian and as far as i know he doesn't speak russian uh now is according to the fbi working with an unnamed coconspirators name's been redacted out of the documents that person may be russian and he may of collaborates on it but i think it's unlikely for a couple of reasons firstly eight 'em he would be drawing an enormous amount of attention to himself uh for something which he actually khemisset and that is fraud because it's first take for example if there's a murder the first people who are investigated by the police a family a family in spouses uh because ninety percent of murders are committed by family and spouses um the first thing melwert rights anti eu anti antivirus insecurity researchers do is look at the providence with peace of our anew reporst it and and just make sure there's no no linkage between the so it would be a very very high risk move and plus he seemed genuinely unprepared for the amount of attention that he got owed are after after this kicked off so i suspect what was happening happening is he was familiar with how malo works he went into your how it worked and he found a solution he found in a server the could be used for the uh a demand which could be used for the kills which i think it's unlikely but it's not outside the realms of possibility it just seems a little too.

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