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Canada's greatest stump man, and Kia news. Great says Tim Allen who plays buzz, light yet hate to save. Because his character is funny, as Ken doll, Michael Keaton. That was the funniest thing I've ever seen that will see with Barbie. Keynote jump set up a notch four in theaters next week, Jason Nathanson, ABC news, Hollywood Alba, one tax and wealth, providing a look and listen to money news. Paddock when it comes to beer, bigger, not always necessarily better. Yeah. Let's I find out who wants cold one here. Of course you do Colorado. Maybe the best place in the country to find one. We've known that already. But now five Colorado locations are on a new list of cities that have the most craft breweries Colorado is five cities in the top twenty boulder Fort Collins Loveland, Denver in Longmont, Colorado. Actually put more cities on this list than any other state. But what may be more interesting about the list is that it includes more small cities than big ones. You know, we said he's on this list with populations of more than two hundred fifty thousand are Denver. Cincinnati and Portland Oregon now maybe the time to go into data at least for in the form of a Home Loan Mortgage interest rates if their lowest levels now in nearly two years that results in a surgeon mortgage applications over all their up nearly twenty seven percent from the last week refinances are the big driver up forty seven percent in the last week ninety seven percent higher than a year ago. Purchase applications rose ten percent. The national average interest rate for a thirty year fixed rate lower. More mortgage fell to four point one two percent. Well, I called Huber. Where's my ride up here comes now? You know, a lot of us who grew up with cartoons of flying cars have been waiting for a long time. Uber. Now says it is on track to start flying its first all electric air taxis. At least for demonstrations. But the head of the FAA says before takeoff Uber needs to make sure that these highly automated, or a Thomas vehicles and systems, meet the FAA's and the public's safety expectations for aviation acting administrator Daniel L. Well at its annual Uber elevate conference. The company says that it unveiled its latest version of the air taxi that it hopes to launch by twenty twenty three with tests starting next year. Stocks are down this morning. The Dow is currently down, eight NASDAQ is down sixteen in the SPF down to next money update at eight fifty five. Pat Woodard, KOA, NewsRadio..

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