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Return for maybe one or two more questions than wrapping up yeah thank you while i've been on the road with the film for a year when i say on the road is it's enjoyed twenty nine film festivals a lot of lgbtq festivals and i sat through many screenings like really too much of seats my film but to watch the kids watching the film and then to talk box and it was it's been really illuminating too like listen to them and hear their challenges and as i went along as thinking i can't just like make a film like this and to your point just like let it be just another movie because the seams are so important and so prevalent and becoming even more prevalent with the amount of cyberbullying that's going on and the tragic number of teenagers who are taking their lives so i want to reach out to um not for profit and came across stumphigh bullying and we were partnering with them and they really deal with bullying mourns cyberspace and in the digital a space with kids who are really up against it with the detractors and who will threatening to kill themselves and they've saved lots of lives there nationwide and they're really responsible organization so so where partnering with with them and i'm looking at ways we can endow them it's important that they stay no solvent unable to do the work that they do to work with the psychologists that they need to work with two to help these kids yes your it's not getting better bullying because of our.

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