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And and it doesn't mean that that that's where the list ends i mean you know like dan noted ed's and also had some you know some he was able to have a little bit of success in stopping some of the take downs you're not gonna stop them all you want to stop some of them no i mean gauging but he doesn't use a katie he he was not getting taken down by and and the point wasn't offering the most technical offense of wrestling either but you could just tell that those instincts don't you know the the gauge has them and so he he's not going to be an easy to stop either you gotta you gotta match them a little bit with techniques gotta match him a little bit with the strength as well it's where we're he's really gonna get scary his ican ever become one of those types of wrestlers like gnp where he just gets you more timing you know what i mean yeah all the wrestlers john fitch wrestled josh contract wrestled not only john kasha wrestler he was a division one champion frank trigg matt hughes and the reason those guys couldn't stop them they got lifted off their feet in peaches exploded his was a lot to do with timing in if if somebody like like habib can can get that down in addition to everything else you could be a beast but regardless dancing say sound crazy but i think there's plenty of people that be could be i'm not there's not disrespecting me but i love commute game but i i've been saying it before and i'll say it again as far as ranking goes i would say i would rank it like this i think poyet's should be the next shot obviously we discussed yesterday but eddie he's the guy that i think ba close to beating him as far as ranking realistically who could be fighting him nex kevin lee.

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