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Seven one six along with my job I am the bulldog Sabres and blue jackets coming your way a little bit after seven yeah I'm tonight's and host of former players even former owner Tom Golisano as well as partners managing partners Larry Quinn and the and the pope is going to be a part of the ceremony on the ice pre game you've got a holds the players here Danny Briere Tim Connolly lots of others Jamie key all here to take part in tonight's festivities so should be a fun night to reminisces how we spent most of our regular show today or is doing exactly that talking about that decade of the the two thousands here in enjoying a lot of that but current day of course let's get to the locker room in here a couple of interviews first up we've got coatis Lazar with our Britain will Booker is obviously your role as expanded a little bit on the roster now you're you're playing the second line center right behind you know Jack Eichel's line primarily but how does it feel to kind of be taking on that expanded role yeah I know it it it feels good obviously our coach Hasenfus the means in key situations but nothing really changes from him again standpoint you know I'm so happy that her nose you know north so style in the hope we can translate is it is it weird that to think back and and look at how it started the year you were in Rochester playing down there and try to work your way back up here now having little more responsibility up here in in the NHL level yeah I mean it it just shows that you know it's a long season a lot can happen and you can ever take a day off I know for myself that you I did have a strong training camp but you know I I stuck with it and you know I I use the time in Rochester kind of grow my game which you know as all three lead to this opportunity what about what about during the off season I mean Jeez about twenty sign use and said it was an opportunity for you to come in and and really prove yourself and and it had been struggling past few years playing with cal Granada about this experience of buffalo when you reflect on it overalls isn't isn't the lightning for you in any way just with with how you know things kind of changed for you yeah of course I mean I am I got some experience in my belt now I guess you know is may sixth your pro you know I mean I know the ins and what's the league and what you know what it takes and the margin between you know you'll be successful it's it's pretty slim and for myself just sticking with the X. the good habits the gym throughout the summer and also I just want that opportunity and soon to get a true opportunity here and this organization it's been great to me I've been able to kind of take and run with it how's it been adjusting back to the Eastern Conference you start out your career in Ottawa in the east you go out west where you played all your junior hockey out there but how's it coming back out east it's good no less travel for sure but no I'm again any anything you play there's challenge every nights I think uses low more speed oriented compared to you know have your Western Conference but you know I'm able to adopt over still the is a part of my game and again everyone's playing the same leagues than that regardless in that Easter the west so again I just wanna listing when your playing Columbus tonight obviously you face them quite a short time ago but what it what's the focus in the heading into tonight's game I think just put can you please strong defensively you know their team that it also you know with places you know very good their own ends you know it's gonna be a bit of you know it is a chess match out there but again stick to our principles you'll build off last minute you know just kind of get on really coaching staff helped you kind of rejuvenates rejuvenate your game they've been huge I mean everyone throughout the organization and you know the guidance and helping me out again I have the resources here that's allowed me to kind of take that next step and because of the coaches immigrate no teaching me how long it's a you know learn from my mistakes and then also just working from hard work you did going down the Rochester kinda you know they always talk about when we send someone down we tell them what to work on and how much how much of that kind of help that it was huge again everyone thinks you're on American you know it's a demotion or you know you can't really keep up to the league up here and stuff like that but so I've always looked as a positive it's a chance you're on you gets you increase minutes in and more opportune to play with the pop what's a just like you said is you know go down here and usually they give me three things to work on which is someone never had before and just really keen on on that knowing that you know if I do the work in that you'll stick to the process than I'm at the opportune McAfee which I have and it's good just kind of see things come full circle crystals are on the pregame guys back to you all right Britain thank you very much I think you know there's not a lot to really clean to this year so far but it was always been a nice story that so that's it god it was a a team Canada world juniors star in a pretty high pick and I know all high hopes without a will and you know his career to this point in the NHL is not really gone like I think he probably was hoping it it would go but I think he's got the right frame of mind and I think he's been a nice nice player what he's a he's a player that I think can contribute to a good team not in a prime role like he's going to be asked to do right now that that's a temporary thing but I think that's a he's he's he's a nice role player I would say corpuscles are is the first of our two blue and gold Walker reports delivered by speed global services around the corner or around the world speed delivers visit speed GS dot com was get right back to the room the return of Victor Olson here he is with our brick walls the gun anywhere whether you're playing tonight or is it still up in the air I'm in the lineup for for tonight so looking forward to it I'm really excited how's it feel that to get the chance to get back on the ice after having no fifteen games off from you know no unfortunate injury yeah it's been it's been tough of course being being.

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