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Jittery catering industry. It's the entire situation. John is just Spend control. Yeah, it's it's and and and John. Let me let me raise another element to this. Right. Let's say you and I are business partners right? And let's say we own a restaurant. And let's say we have each mortgaged our home to the to the to the highest degree that we could, and we need this business after we've taken a hit. And didn't get much of the federal money available for restaurants. And so we need the business or else our families are going down. What are you supposed to do that? And there's still people saying I dunno. I hope restaurant was still on the wind was $100,000. A pandemic in rent. Got another nail in the coffin. Well, John, I thank you for the call, and you have a great day. So as I mentioned, folks, you can reach me. I'm Dominic Carter in For Greg Kelly. Today, you can reach me on Twitter at Dominic TV, Dominic TV, Facebook and Instagram and Dominic Carter TV. So I'm looking at Twitter right now. And regarding 31 year old shyness, Young The African American woman nine months pregnant nine months pregnant in Harlem on Sunday, she tried to, uh, break up a fight between two men to men of color. And she ended up dying and so did her nine month old baby and so George Rock on Twitter here, says Dominic prayers for the black woman who was nine months pregnant and who was shot dead. Trying to break up fight between current and previous boyfriend Disagree, Dominic. She should have called either. The males near her or police. God rest her soul and her nine month old baby. So my point is that She's a person. And, um, boyfriend, former bird boyfriend. She's a person. And she didn't deserve to die like that. Dominic Carter here with you until three o'clock. That's when America's mayor Rudy Giuliani, will take over will be right back. You're listening to one of the most iconic stations in.

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