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Ring is GonNa look just as Nice. absolutely not If if you win this year, it's going to be just as much as if you want last year. If you win next year, the the process will be different. The world is different. In some respects, I might almost consider this more special. If you, consider the the things that the winning team is going to have to overcome shutting down the entire League for two or three months span. You know playing Stanley Cup playoff games theoretically in the months of August and September I might suggest it's harder to win this year than it is in other years I would not take a thing away from whatever team wins the Cup this year. See I think it will be a harder for team like the Bruins to win because you have all. These veterans were in a groove. who were who were you? Playing walls they were, and then you just stop them. You just stop and then you come back with. Yeah had. Sort of thing. And I understand. I might make the argument that one of the things we've talked about over the years here is. Holly. How do you by rest time for betrays Chiran for Sodano Charles? How do you make sure that they're healthy and ready to go in the Stanley Cup playoffs because they play so many heart minutes during the course of the season well. Got All the rest of you number one. you know they're going to be healthy. They're going to be ready to go. They're going to be arrested. I. Understand Brad's argument in yours. It's legit. I, the counterargument I might give is is is Patrice Bergeron ever GonNa feel better going into by off? Series said he will this year. That's the thing and the other thing is i. think this helps Rask. I mean. He said it was this morning. He hasn't been. He's been mentally Kinda getting his his Mojo back. The Passion was already there. You know 'cause you address retirement questions, but I feel like this will help his passion. It'd be helped here a little longer. Jail before you go. Is there anything you would like to plug I always? Ask you this I always. Like Nassar, I appreciate the offer. I am working on my second book right now. I'm willing to. Tell you who it's with yet. Because I'm not sure if he wants me to tell you, I will say that if you're a bruins fan. You'll like this book, and and that's all I'll say we. We've been working on it for a couple of months now and I've begun the process of writing at this stage, so The second book will be coming along, but probably not until sometime. Beginning of of the calendar year. Something like that we'll see. You told me last time you were just about starting a book as this. Is it easier to do a book right now? Because you've. Only. You don't have a lot of free time. If the show every day, so that that has adapt, but I still have I mean Mike Mike Commute went from an hour and a half a day. One Way to thirty seconds one way. I come down the stairs. I sit here in front of my picture at on my couch in the basement. so usually what happens? This was a day where we didn't have a call together, but usually. The person. I'm writing this book with and I get together..

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