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At Barbasol dot com Jason we've been talking an awful lot about Andrew luck in his decision to walk away from the NFL last night at the age of twenty nine a lot of people reacting online right on Twitter social media saying that this is the most shocking retirement this is one of the most shocking things I've seen in in twenty years as the most shocking thing I've seen in thirty years I don't think the Andrew luck retirement is the most shocking retirement that we've ever had I I think people yeah when when the moment happens it is hyperbolic in people jumped out to the extreme and say oh man this is the biggest shock of all time you feel the same as me yeah absolutely I mean here's the thing for me the biggest shopping retirement of all time was Magic Johnson yeah now clearly that was with another health situation and it when it happened I think we didn't notice the NFL world but the whole sporting world wishes and not just the NBA world but the whole sporting world was just starting I mean it but they were obviously much bigger ratification because of why he was retiring but just in terms of shock value no I don't think anything was bigger than that and we can talk about when Jordan retired the first time and you know I know there's a lot of people have conspiracy theories about why he did but what what do you mean what what do you mean you can get at it and and I'll play offer you but I'm I'm but but obviously that was one that was shocking as well but in terms of in terms of just like you shock value no nothing bigger than Magic Johnson yeah and don't the injuries make it understandable well last night I'm gonna be honest obviously I was shocked when the news came out because it's just so unexpected the third week of the preseason that one of the best quarterbacks in the league at the age of twenty nine is going to call it a career yes the initial shock is there but when you take yourself out of the moment and you look at the last seven years and you look at how Andrew luck got to this point of his professional career it does make some sense he's had to deal with some major some significant injuries throughout his career and right now he's dealing with a I don't know what we're going to call it a calf and Achilles a foot a high ankle sprain a little old saying something not good let's put it that yeah it's like this is you know this this injury that locks gone through over the past several weeks and even a couple of months it keeps moving the injury keeps moving around is is lower leg so I don't know what's going on but he even referenced it last night that Hey this is still bothering me that the this still doesn't feel right and so the the injuries to me make it understandable and what I think Jason reed undefeated Nick cattle with the on the Mike ESPN radio what I think Jason is what's going on here is the social media world right it's two thousand nineteen and when something happens you're on the Twitter line and you you just going three your your time line and all you see is reaction reaction reaction reaction all my god oh my god gifts gifts video video Jim Barry Sanders right if if Twitter existed what would the reaction be Barry Sanders walking away after rushing for almost fifteen hundred yards in ninety eight he announces that thirty one that he's leaving the game if Twitter existed when Barry Sanders tapped out we would have the same kind of reaction if not an even bigger reaction than what we saw with this lock thing absolutely are all given go further back we listen when Jim Brown walked away at top of his game okay yeah we can Russian I think like eight of the nine years he played on me so when you when you talk about the error that worry yes it's it's social media its immediacy gets anger is just get on with a hot take so absolutely I mean those retirements all my goodness if if social media existed there I mean it it the world isn't it yeah so we've got Sanders you bring up brown like not even social media like a what if E. S. P. N. existed when Jim Brown call that a career right I mean what if we just had one twenty four seven three sixty five sports news organization that existed on our television screens when brown walked away he is thirty years old he ran for more than fifteen hundred yards in a fourteen game season right before he decided to retire Calvin Johnson is another one right thirty years old a guy that caught almost ninety football this final season in the NFL everybody thought Megatron was still the best if not one of the best receivers in the game he walked away what we're seeing Jason is two thousand nineteen in full bloom and this is a world we live in that we take snapshots and we've always taken snapshots throughout life but before it social media ever existed you were able to take those snapshots absorb them think about them actually formulate a full idea and thought and then talk to people about it now in two thousand nineteen we take a snapshot we have our immediate gut reaction to it in bone it's out there in front of millions of people to see on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram this is two thousand nineteen it raring its ugly head this is the fact that in two thousand nineteen chase and read everything is bigger it's bigger it's huge it's better everything has to be significant everything has to be the biggest thing we've seen ever happen to one individual and we kind of fall into that in what we have is nonstop Twitter reaction last night trying to sell me on the idea that this thing it is just so much different than other people walking away from the sport they love no not at all and again it is Twitter it's zero to a hundred it's everybody having that immediate take that visceral reaction to the news and unfortunately a lot of people I think are going to look back and and regret some of the things that they either tweeted or or some people that stadium last night who booed because that immediate gut reaction is not really what we're supposed to do with it as human beings as rational human beings are supposed to sit back and look at the situation and logically assess it before we just respond otherwise we just get angry to start hitting people and that's not what we were allowed to do unfortunately because of the two thousand nineteen this this era that we're in it is just okay this is how I feel I'm put it out there and that's not always the best way yeah and he's Jason read from the undefeated I am Nick cattle's on the Mike ESPN radio and ESPN app and what it does what social media does and this immediate reaction that we see over and over and over again whether it's the world of sports or politics or entertainment what it does is it creates an atmosphere in an environment where I think people just take things for granted and they just have that immediate angry reaction when they feel like they've got to tell you where to go and how to get there instead of thinking about what that person might be going through at that very moment right we saw the fans last night not all colts fans but there were a number of colts fans last night at the game luck is walking off the field and they're bowing and that's because they're so used to snapping at people and having such a quick judgment of a situation that instead of using their thumbs and tweeting something out they're going to use their voices and they're going to be yelling and billing when they're not really sitting back taking themselves out of the situation and saying wait a minute this a twenty nine year old guy he just got married his wife is pregnant he's going through mental and physical anguish yeah it's probably best that this guy walks away as a human being absolutely but people in two thousand nineteen no one here that they just wanna be angry and they were expressed their anger and they have an outlet for their anger and they're going to tweet and they'll let you know how they feel about it and the fact that Andrew luck to someone who is given a lot of enjoyment to a lot of people who love the game of football that gets thrown out the window which is angry and listen people can do what they want right it's it's a free world it do whatever you got to do if you want to bullet that that's your call but I I would just venture to guess that a lot of people who were bowing last night woke up this morning and they regretted their reaction and they now realize with the help of some time to think about it that it was not the right approach it was not the right thing to do last night unfortunate for luck he had to go through that coming up next when will Dallas get Ezekiel Elliott back yeah we're all trying to wait and chill and see what happens here it's Jason Reid of The undefeated Nick cattle's on the Mike ESPN radio and ESPN.

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