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Where my cancer has not thank goodness grown at all I've never had to have any treatment I just am monitored. On. A regular set schedule. So, there's plenty of time if my cancer suddenly decided to get mean to deal with it but as part of the whole process. My doctor told me that I needed to improve my eating habits and lose weight. So since twelve years ago I've lost fifty pounds five zero pounds. And I never perceived myself as being. Fat. And I don't think anybody who knew me would consider that but they could see carrying extra weight. And I did it gradually over time With controlling how many calories consumed per day and taking the world's worst diet And gradually steadily improving. Because one of the factors with Nachos, prostate cancer, but other illnesses is carrying too much weight. And also eating nothing but the wrong things now I still eat a lot of the wrong things but you know I the right things to. And I used to be allergic to any kind of green except money. So any vegetables were green. They just weren't part of my life. really any vegetables at all put? I've made that change over time and. It's probably part of why I've been able to manage disease. Instead of having to have. An operation you know surgery or having radiation or different kinds of cancer treatments that may be required someday, but I've been able to. Make a difference almost certainly with the behavioral things I've always been an exercise maniac. But adding into at the loss of weight and improving what I eat is considered to be very important. Well. Each year in September. The. Prostate Cancer Foundation has a campaign to try to get guys to improve how they eat. But thing. Is that there's no reason you couldn't. Improve how you eat even if you're not a guy, I mean all of us. are in a position where we can probably eat a little better. Unless we're one of those vegans and the campaigns called, eat it to beat it. We have all the information for you Clark Dot Com.

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