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Cbs news update a stock market really hit the skids monday in near 1200 point sell off for the dow its biggest point drop ever it wiped out all those big games from the beginning of the year a dave nelson of billpoint asset management is not were either the thought of our correct karen or a fullblown correction uh i can't tell you where they were worthy for watch out you know fair market start like this i don't think worth a protective of a of a beer market i picked the fund underpinning of the economy against police strong there was some profittaking no doubt there are also concerns about interest rates and whether the fed will be looking at the recent good economic numbers and move rates higher cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger if inflation starts to bob allott and interest rates start to rise then all of a sudden the the companies that have a certain value today may be worth less in that future environment she be as news update i'm jim chenevey the fourth win gold the one gold forming a begun the with the direct sale by go the clemency to curtly tagging the dick state may still be good did we do see he's still rebels eggs game jews who did staying may stood at wall man i love how that play was a designed and be set up where he was looks like he's gordon line audible make a big a call make an adjustment and he sneaks out the right i mean nick fools should win an academy award for his acting job yeah yeah yeah it was just like he was sneaking off there i you know no big uses this fourth down i'm going to go over here and all of a sudden these gets into call you know what in this is being self reflective because we're in the industry you hear a lot of like i can't believe what i just saw some of the old baseball calls that are immortalized because the industry and the proliferation of amedee you're never going to hear a radio call become.

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