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First of all, I would like to say I have the utmost respect for law enforcement at every level. I make it my business to go out of my way to tell each officer I see Thank you for what you do. God bless you and be safe. Now I kind of in the same name as the two previous collars. So my question first of all, and I'm just a question. It's knocking about a disregard for you share for the The sheriff's deputy with you tonight. Is is McCollum field is that city or county? McAuliffe field. The area surrounding it is in the county. But obviously the what? The the airfield up there. The airstrip. The hangar where the president flew in is all federal property. It's a bit of a question is that that idiot jumped up on that squad car should have been arrested after you got out the hospital while he was in the hospital. I don't know if you are fully aware of of the of the Anger. It is building in a community. Watch this stuff on the Internet on the TV, hear it on the radio and what we're seeing this That their stand down and like the Germans said, this goes all the way back to step along. Park stuff is allowed to happen from black lives matter and TIFA and I'm telling you, we are sick of it. Well, I think you share the sentiments of what's going on across the country. I think by and large, good, honest, decent, hardworking, taxpaying folks like yourself on DH me, frankly, are our sick of it as well. So I think I think frankly, we're going to reach a tipping point in this country where people are just going to say that's enough and demand of their law enforcement demand of their politicians or city Council in the county supervisors. That they restore order and get back on an even keel and move forward. This is just it's a crazy year and to think how far we've come. Law enforcement wise in a very short amount of time is alarming to me, and I'm a I'm a law enforcement agency head I I can only Imagine how alarming it is to normal normal citizens to see there the safety of their communities at the whim of their local city councils. Margaret Mead in Sacramento. You're gonna pout Walsh. Oh, hello. Hi, Pat. I wanted to say thank you, Teo, Sheriff Jones and Deputy Sheriff Nelson for being there tonight. Appreciate it. I have a story. I was trying to be brief that I was living in a group home and it was very abusive. And attempted suicide and enforce it was called. Of course I was resisting and often circus. I kept saying, I don't want to come back here. They kept sending me back and get some more and the office service got write my face, and he said I see what's going on here, and I will personally make sure you don't ever come back here. And I did what he asked. He stayed in the emergency room. He wouldn't let them send me anywhere. But somewhere I would get proper help. Found. That was 40 years ago. Over 40 years every single day, I think of him. You saved my life and I've been clean and sober now for 37 years, spends a long and painful journey. But I turned my life around and I thank him every day, and I want you all to know. But you do make a difference, because when he put that badge in uniform on, he didn't know And neither did I. But we would meet and it would be a life changing things for me. Well, that's ah, That's that's an incredibly personal story to share. And I really appreciate you sharing it And I think A lot of folks historically and maybe right now or in a similar situation, So I really appreciate you saying so. I know it was. Ah, no, That's not an easy thing to talk about. Well, actually, it is because that's what you guys are going through. We need to know. Thank you for saying that. We really, really appreciate it. Marga needs Thank you. I mean, I don't have my kitten now see, there's a story right there. It's never going to make the news. It's not going to be on the news. Not going to be on the news, but it's life changing story and you guys were responsible, You know? So that's great..

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