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J News time 707 bad on both sides of the ball. So it went for the Packers and the second For Sunday's loss to the Bank of Vikings. Brian D. Has most game reacting all things NFL in sports at 7 15 demonstrators in Wauwatosa over the weekend calling on a wall. It's just the police to fire Officer Joseph MENSA T. M. J. For Stephanie Haines has more. The whole point is that we don't want him on the force because he's already shown that he's not fit three times before MENSA has been involved in three deadly shootings on the job. MENSA has since been suspended from the force. A few weeks ago, an independent investigator recommended ments of the fired sighting. Ask for a potential fourth shooting in documents filed with Wauwatosa Police and Fire Commission attorney John Surmeli rights. MENSA is fit for duty, and that quote one simply cannot be disciplined for an act that has yet to occur. Doing so would plainly violate due process. MENSA was cleared of any wrongdoing in all three shootings. Another member of Milwaukee's firing Police Commission calls it quits Chief of Staff Tammy Majewski stepping down, citing the current climate, city Hall says she's also concerned with the direction the commission's going. She joins eggs. Creative director, Griselda already in Commissioner, Raymond Robot, Kowski. They resigned last week. One of the celebrities caught up in the varsity blues College admission scandal starts her prison sentence. ABC is Meghan to Rezian with more Lori Laughlin on lock down in federal prison. He in a one room one room with no other roommates, the former full House star just days into a two month sentence. For her involvement in diversity blue scandal, But her first two weeks behind bars will be spent in quarantine. Lachlan must also serve 100 hours of community service, 709 and W. T. M. J. Wisconsin's morning news sponsored by citing unlimited It's sighting in a whole lot more online at sighting unlimited dot com. Thomas, who wrote.

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