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It's gonna all come down to that. It's a very competitive division. You see cracks elsewhere in the north this whole thing with the way the Packers lost. And there's some concerns about what's going on with some of the players in that locker room that helps the bears the Vikings losing at home to the saints is a is a killer. I don't think the lions are going to be a playoff team this year. But guys we've seen the lions play. Well, they beat the pain. Absolutely. Dangerous team because of their quarterback. So I think right now given what transpired against you England in Miami. And the way they lost those games there in the best possible place. They can be at four and three if they don't get the five and three that's a big concern in never want to say that anything's a given buffalo is a tough place to play guys when they're good. When the bills are good. It's loud there the bills mafia, and they get juiced up in the parking lot before the game. I'm not talking about orange juice. I mean, these guys are Ardian. What else do you do in that part of the world my apologies to my good friend marching Greco from buffalo? I mean, what else do you do besides root for the bills and drink? That's what these guys do. Yep. So it's gonna be it's gonna be a a nice atmosphere on Sunday. They should get the five and three and then starting next week cap. Jordan to me that's when the season really begins because you've got five division games your last eight weeks. All right last question, we got break. Gimme at the seven game. Mark. Foreign three letter grade on Mitchell in the offense. Well, Pat cap cap Trubisky in you know, that I like a lot of what Trubisky has to offer. And I have I am going to withhold ultimate judgment on him until after this season. However, there's been a lot of good. But there's also been some times when you're like. I I don't know. I think it's fair looking at the other quarterbacks. His contemporaries in the league. I'm not sure if Danny brought this up on the air yesterday. But, you know, look, it's okay. To think that there are parts of his game that he can improve on. When you see Patrick Mahomes about to win the MVP when you seem to Shawn Watson bringing back the Texans from the dead after Owen three start. I think it's okay to expect more from Trubisky. But right now, I would give him probably around a BB minus for his season for the bears. I would give them probably around to be. Plus, it's been a fun year guys. These are fun games to cover jets game was kinda doll. But for the most part they're in every game. It's exciting. And after the last six years, I I don't think you can ask for much more as a bears fan right now. You're one in this offense JD. Thanks, man. You're the best guys. Take care. Have a good day their yard guy. Jeff dickerson. Tonight. We'll go back to these calls three one two three three two three seven seven six. Don't forget coming up at eleven o'clock, Nick Freda L be in studio. We'll cross talk and play the game with Carmen York. Eleven forty five right back ESPN thousand.

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