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Not a big. I thought i would because again we want it pretty bad and i thought that i would be more emotional than i was but i think we were just really excited but still slightly Hundred i think with the i like. I just didn't really know how everything worked. you know. you don't feel anything yet. you're not showing at all. You just feel like a normal person. So i don't think it until later down the road than question. Are you still in disbelief. Because we are. I feel like i still will try to put genes on like dang. I too much pizza over the holidays. I'm having no you're pregnant. You show more with earth show. Yes i look. I look five months pregnant already in an weeks. It's scary people are like. are you having twins. I'm like no. No just one twins. Though i want in there are you no. Don't know what i'm not for this off in a weird way talk through watching lawrence process and i feel i feel bad for you all. You have to put your body's through that but at the same time as a guy. I'm incredibly thankful. That guys can't get craig i n weeks. I was pretty miserable. I thought i i was like this cannot be what feels like like. I thought i had the flu or me. And i went. Kobe tested ulli ten thousand dollars. A dummy to intimidate. This is more for chris than loren loren year. Fine you're going to get through this rock star. Chris if you feel that way like guys can't get pregnant already. Just wait until birth on. No no no no. I actually disagree with chris here. Because i've been through it. I don't get pregnant. But i don't think the guys have it like super easy physically shirt. We don't have to do the whole thing chris. The amount of time. A husband doesn't say the next couple of months for you. Bro are going to be the most humbling foot. You gotta be their support lorne right. That's our job and that freaking gets so hard during pregnancy it is in anti kit.

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