Yuma, California, El Castillo discussed on Arizona's Morning News


Respect for law enforcement I think it's important that. They see how important backs up We have fallen officer hoping that something. That will be in their mind and they'll remember who knows maybe A public visitation will be held Thursday night from six to eight at Christ Church to the valley in Peoria with the funeral being held at ten AM, Friday morning at the same location Ali vetnar KTAR. News KTAR, is, on, immigration border patrol. Agents in Yuma arrested a man and that sectors most. Wanted list they arrested hey zoos does El Castillo he's accused of coordinating multiple. Smuggling operations in the area this all stemmed from several seizures that, occurred at. The interstate eight immigration checkpoints that is operated by Walton station that agent Jose Garay with Yuma border patrol the, suspect now awaits trial considered one of the, top five most. Wanted criminals by border patrol in that area actions being urged after alleged abuse of detained immigrants, ABC's checks Iverson has more shaking, an investigation into, allegations of, sexual physical, and emotional abuse at ice immigration police and health department detention facilities Senate Judiciary, chairman Charles Grassley Iowa Republican and Ranking democrat California's Dianne Feinstein in an Email they say they've written, the inspector, generals of both. Homeland security and, HHS, demanding answers saying this is not a partisan issue and that immigrant families and children in federal custody deserve to be treated with basic human dignity and respect this is expected to be raised. Today at a hearing on Capitol Hill on family separations and reunifications at, the border the latest now on the car fire. In northern, California, some, people now being. Allowed to return home and reading where that massive and. Deadly wildfires burned hundreds.

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