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Considering a restricted parking zone ming residents would pay sixty five dollars per vehicle to have a place to park their cars those who don't could face ticketing talking if all of this goes into play komo news time nine thirty four wealth let's see i don't think anybody's parked on the free way yet jill but we are starting an increase in volumes right we are we are seeing quite a few more cars out there and a lot of water to keen company today that's not the best copilot for you we are looking at some spinouts we've had several carvers versus beria collisions we had a rollover accident and that was like a collision has just cleared on the ramp from eastbound 522 northbound 405 but issue our allies yourself plenty of time plenty of extra room between you and the car in front of you everyone will get what they're going on time and safely we are looking at old zhao south on i 5 as you approach the tacoma dome but again nothing with widely down for too long by crowding today i mean there are more than enough five or six cars on the freeway things are looking good across the tacoma's bridge despite a high wind warning and across our passes today no restrictions there's temperatures are warm subpar but i'm sure things will be a bit more rugged where you as you head home this evening on the valley freeway either direction of 167 you're actually looking at a really nice drive between sumner and downtown renton uh once again did have an earlier rollover at one adf that has been cleared navy port at nine forty four i'm joe lead wreck on komo news thanks joe for the aaa traffic report here's shannon o'donnell with your komo forecast atmospheric minding through the sky leads to rising rivers down below in western washington most of our waterways are running very high right now especially the skagit river near concrete and the.

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