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Man's Bruton. Looking looking having trouble getting it in then almost a five count? And it is and it is turnover. Number thirteen. The Bearcats have not had a turnover in the second half. That's pretty amazing and they get the ball right back. Wow. Bruton couldn't get it in great d- by Mick Cronin's defense and Cincinnati they hustles coming out of a timeout though. That's the thing Cumberland having trouble. Then finally gets it to Scott. He wants to go back hands the ball. Jennifer, Jennifer hounded by Bruton still not in the front court gets there with a second and a half to spare. Jennifer brings it to the right side and Mick Cronin. This parking out. What he watched three oh five to go in the game. Not a Cumberland Cumberland brings it right time line with ten on the clock looks over at Cronin. Three to go in the game here, and he's gonna work on Thornton. He's taking three over him on the way Remi no rebound Davenport to get away from. Bruton still down six to fifty to go Bruton will bring it up look at it adds zone. Bruton works between the circles gets it at the free throw line Davenport right corner Thornton right back to Bruton. He works. The left side kicks at Martin left corner. He's got the look he's got the bucket got his spot. I let him open left side if the fifty five one possession game inbound with two twenty eight to go to Williams right back to Cumberland picked up by Thornton tells everybody to go in Thornton tries to steal the ball. Finally, get to the front door does Cumberland nineteen on the clock. And they dot h. HSEN foul called on me. That'll be his fourth. That'll be the seventh on the U of M and Cumberland a very good brief throw shooter. We'll get a one in one here. The he took a shot a moment ago. As it. It really make a lot of sense. Let's see our line pays it back. We're going to replay man that was so close. I didn't think there was much contact. Didn't they get quite turn it over yet and somebody had a call Sutton, and they did so Cumberland's gone to the line one and one. He is two of four from the live free throw on the way, nothing but net. Fifty nine fifty.

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