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I think the employ of the day is my assistant andrew who scurried up to jersey city through the tunnel to buy another toilet to replace the toilet there was a gift from sharman of the great t shattered in a billion pieces by the way hands off the toilet round head you're not allowed to get taxed the ball accidentally i didn't do it on purpose and by the way you have to see this we have the security video capturing greg t shattering the toilet his okay tease reaction all my gosh you gotta go see it it's at elvis duran on instagram at elvis duran instagram go see this right now when his when t called nate over to see the carnage is credible at elvis duran on instant you gotta check it out but did you see the the brand name of the toilet glacier bay glacier bay it's a glacier bay toilet to make you wonder the people at the toilet company on let's call this one glacier bay sounds like you're on a in the bahamas and you're have a little cocktail in hand or something you would see while on norwegian cruise bliss alaska yes all look at glacier bay anyway thank you so much to sharman do we know which one of their songs one of the big sherman song contest votes is still being tabulated elvis yeah i i still like shiny hi i like the old school side i kind of like the new one yeah it's a close number two thank you so much to sharm and we appreciate it great t yet don't get near the toilet this is all going to hear now never gonna live this down all right let's go around the room we'll start with you danielle what's on your mind today when you find something in the refrigerator and has the expiration date that's just say you shouldn't eat it after this date right i mean you just heck niclely depends on the item itself what did you do it was a piece of cheese and it didn't smell bad but it was past the expiration day so i i was like and then i ate it and it was fine i'm fine right yeah you're gonna grow molding side of me much some of the most expensive cheeses have mold on them i would think you're fine let's maybe penicillin inside of bread that's bread okay expired bread i know you're good i think if you sniff it smells fine i wouldn't worry about unless it's like a year now what that was about long the producers samantha what's on your mind today i've decided i need to spend a little bit of time and try and get back to the way i used to be when i was a kid because when you're a kid you're absolutely fearless i got this thing called a goof ford and it's like a surfboard four land like it rolls around you're surfing on concrete and i am escape board skateboard now it doesn't have wheels it's just on pvc pipe so you could wipe out oh kind of steers me like i'm very hesitant i hold onto the wall i went to the park and kids were just saying can i play can i play they had no fear of falling off and they were fine every time on a follow up you get a little boo boo it happened free some neo sporran gonna kiss i get drunk and get all the time living on the ass hey froggy what's up with you today all the i realized that this morning on the way to work i thought i left my phone at home and so i get to work get inside and i'm like all crap up my phone home in the first thing that goes to my mind is okay what's on my.

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