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These are families that have picked out a name built a crib, and then received the most devastating news in their lives, their families that deserve our compassion and support. Dot one, one last question, we talked about these very restrictive recently passed laws. It's not the supreme court might not take them, but might take laws from let's say Indiana, that more incrementally chip away at abortion rights of for instance. One law in Indiana requires a woman to undergo an ultrasound exam at least eighteen hours before an abortion, ultimately, all of these bands will have one consequence, which is to have politicians interfere with patients private medical decision making this goes against the will the American people seventy three percent of Americans support row as the law of the land America's want more healthcare, not less. We want our children to be living in a world where they have more rights than we do not fewer definitely in a win. President of Planned Parenthood. Thank you. Thank you for with the unemployment rate at the lowest level in five decades, people who left, the workforce years ago, are being drawn back in and over the last three years, women have been entering the workforce at a faster rate than men. Then why was part of a week long series on full employment? NPR's Yuki Noguchi, explores some possible explanations. Something is spurring. Women of prime working age people like Gabby Giametti to go back to work before having her second child Giametti had held various management roles around Silicon Valley. But with two kids, the demands of work became crushing, I felt like I wasn't a good mother. I was waking up in the middle of the night thinking about on my presentation, or, or just work in general when her son required regular therapy points for years ago genetic gave up her job. She stayed at home in Santa Clara, but she missed working on team projects and recent headlines, spotlighting, the need for women in technology piqued her interest, I was curious to see how has corporate America change. As more flexible in March Giametti started what is known as a return ship a program to recruit, and retrain women like her looking to resume their careers, so far so good. She says that new gig, managing team at Cisco. Oh systems gives her time to occasionally pick up her kids from school for most of the last century, and especially after World War Two working women's ranks grew steadily around the year two thousand gross stopped, and even started to fall. Now, once again, women are drawn in by a hot job market that straining to find available workers many employers are luring workers by offering family friendly benefits like flexible hours and.

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