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It won't matter could he yet and even though even effect mckay even bernie one whining you would you would back him because you back anybody of course all i would have been super enthusiastic bernie backer you bet let kyko it and now my quote my question to you and in fact i would have had to explain bernie to a lot of very skeptical african american people and that's why i said to that guy started the show i said to burley would gone shellacked i don't think i don't think boro you said the magic word absolutely i don't think that bernie's people at i am just this is an observation if not a criticism i don't think they quite understand the need of the democratic party for a large pool of african american voters to turn out reliably and they did for hillary although will lead will be less than bomb but with bernie the black people numbers would have been way lower way lower these weren't lovers white socialist do from vermont they would have been and the democrats would have been shellacked in a lot of places allow and the brave people get mad at me when i say that and then and then they give me my own argument back that's the point that i love the best to give a minority owner argument but norm if the multifunction analysis and i say yeah there's the multifunctional is as they say what bernie would it be larry well in worked our way we just want to get to a result so we'll see what we need to say to get there this is the problem we we gotta stop with the axegrinding and just trying to intellectually get us where we want to go because we wanna make ourselves feel better issue we did it progressive elite thing whatever not forget all i mean how how serious all the anti israel there are a sign of each of their small number but in the proper circumstances they can they can sink an election but here's what i'm saying forget about because they're becoming irrelevant and.

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